Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Old School Music From the 80s and 90s Reimagined

Kick off the summer vibes with our refreshing “Summer Throwback” extravaganza 2023! Party Favorz is dialing back the clock and pumping up the volume with funky house music that blends the nostalgic charm of old school music from the 80s, and 90s with the rhythmic energy of the 00s.

Every track in our Summer Throwback 2023 playlist is like a sunbeam – a bright reinterpretation of those beloved party classics, remixed with a contemporary twist. From full-length masterpieces to sampled layers of different eras, each song blends old school charisma with modern magic. The result? The perfect soundtrack for a pool party or BBQ bash with friends this summer.

Block & Crown (Adri Block) reign supreme in the niche sphere of Funky House Music, with Ghostbusterz, Nari, and Richard Grey adding their unique spark to this vibrant genre. Our summer throwback playlist is a tribute to these maestros of funky house music.

The tracks in our Summer Throwback 2023 collection aren’t just memorable – they sparkle with fresh productions, capturing your heart like never before. Since last year’s Summer Throwback release, I’ve been amassing these tunes, handpicking each one to create a soul-stirring, foot-tapping experience.

After a marathon session of curating, mixing, and tweaking, the initial playlist boasted over six hours of toe-tapping tunes. They posed a unique challenge, many lacking DJ-friendly intros and outros, but we’re all about facing challenges head-on here at Party Favoz. Even after trimming it down by an hour, we’re left with a substantial party mix that promises endless hours of enjoyment.

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of projets, and the upcoming weeks promise even more of the same. Nevertheless, I’m committed to providing the best of summer vibes. Keep an ear out for a new Beach House, Peak Hour (fingers crossed!), Top EDM, and our annual Summer Edition – all landing over the next month. We guarantee a season full of sonic jams to fuel your summer fun.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album: Summer Throwback Dance Party 2023
Genre: 80s Dance, 90s House, Hip Hop
Year: 2023
Total Time: 04:59:15

1. Block & Crown x Marc Rousso – Summer Stylin’ (Original Mix)

2. Richard Grey – Thinking of You (’22 Mix)

3. Richard Grey & Dead As Disko – Had About Enough (22 Mix)

4. Ministry Of Funk – Let’s Dance (Funky House Mix)

5. Ghostbusterz – Look Into My Eyes (Original Mix)

6. Ghostbusterz – Whats Love Got To Do (Original Mix)

7. Block & Crown feat. Martina Budde – All Around The World (Original Mix)

8. Block & Crown – U Got The Body (Original Mix)

9. Block & Crown – Pleasure (Original Mix)

10. Adri Block & Paul Parsons – Hypnotic Hypno (Clubmix)

11. Block & Crown – I Can’t Wait (Club Mix)

12. Block & Crown feat. Starzz – 100 Percent Pure Love (Original Mix)

13. Ghostbusterz – Freak Our Own Thang (Original Mix)

14. Block & Crown feat. Jesus Davila – Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix)

15. Block & Crown x Crazibiza – Kaos (Like This Block & Crown Club Mix)

16. Block & Crown – Express Yourself (Original Mix)

17. Block & Crown – It’s Time To Get Down (Original Mix)

18. Nari & Steve Tosi – Make The World Go Round (Original Mix)

19. Richard Grey, Eddie Pay & Lissat – Pump Up The Jam (Original Mix)

20. D J Apollonia – Rhythm Dancer (Crazibiza Remix)

21. Block & Crown feat. Martina Budde – Let The Music Play (Original Mix)

22. Richard Grey – Turn Me Out (Original Mix)

23. Disco Gurls – Let Your Body Fly (Club Mix)

24. Block & Crown – Frequency Freakin (Original Mix)

25. Ministry Of Funk – Faith (Deep Groove Mix)

26. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Dean Masi Vibes Mix)

27. Block & Crown x Paul Parsons – Tell It To My Heart (Extended Mix)

28. Richard Grey – Hit Em Up Style (Original Club Mix)

29. GhostMasters – Just Dance 4 Me (Extended Mix)

30. Nari & Steve Tosi – Right Now (Original Mix)

31. Disco Gurls – Chasing Waterfalls (Club Mix)

32. Disco Gurls – Let Loving Start (Extended Mix)

33. Disco Gurls – Every Time I See U Falling (Club Mix)

34. Ghostbusterz – Go Have Fun Girls (Original Mix)

35. Cheesecake Boys feat. Betty Love – Holiday (Lollypop Remix)

36. Block & Crown – Don’t Go (Luca Debonaire & The Giver Powerhouse Mix)

37. Babes On The Run – Your Body (Original Mix)

38. Ghostbusterz – Check This Out (Original Mix)

39. Block & Crown feat. Scotty Boy – Sway (Original Mix)

40. Crazibiza – Fresh (House of Prayers Poolside Edit)

41. Ministry Of Funk – Super Fresh (Funky House Mix)

42. Richard Grey – Take You Higher (Season23 Mix)

43. Block & Crown feat. Lisa Najee – Situation (Clubmix)

44. Block & Crown – Jack in Africa (Original Mix)

45. Nari, Tom Silver, Steve Tosi & Dead As Disko – About You Now (Original Mix)

46. Disco Gurls – Call Me (Club Mix)

47. Herve – I Think The World Of You (Extended Mix)

48. Nari & Steve Tosi – Give Me The Music (Original Mix)

49. Disco Gurls – Night In Rapture (Extended Mix)

50. Disco Gurls – Say Some (Club Mix)

51. Block & Crown – Listen To The Music (Original Mix)

52. Block & Crown x Lissat – Forbidden Discotech (Block & Crown & Lissat Redubb)

53. Block & Crown x Lissat – Startin Something (Nu Disco Mix)

54. Block & Crown – Havin’ Fun (Original Mix)

55. Block & Crown – Dirty Dancer (Original Mix)

56. Nari & Steve Tosi – Es Bonita (Original Mix)

57. Ministry Of Funk – Funk Operator (Summer Vibes Mix)

58. Block & Crown x Lissat – Ocean Cake (Original Mix)

59. Disco Gurls & The Soul Gang – My Stride (Club Mix)

60. Eddie Grant – Electric Avenue (Boogie Hill Faders Remix)

61. Richard Grey – Kiss (Original Mix)

62. Block & Crown feat. Daisy – Mr Vain (Original Mix)

63. Block & Crown – The Way It Is (Original Mix)

64. Block & Crown – Perogative (Original Mix)

65. Block & Crown – Dance With Butterflies (Original Mix)

66. Block & Crown – Hung Up (Original Mix)

67. Nari & Steve Tosi – Magic Monday (Original Mix)

68. Disco Gurls & The Soul Gang – Out Of My Head (Club Mix)

69. Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy (Cerrone Remix)

70. INXS – Need You Tonight (KaktuZ Remix)

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