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Ripped guy pulling his t-shirt up showing off his abs with open jeans for the cover art of the Summer Edition 2023 featuring the biggest circuit anthems and circuit tribal house music.

SIZZLING HOT Circuit Anthems of Summer!

As if this hasn’t been the hottest summer ever recorded, Party Favorz is back and ready to heat up your summer even further with our annual Summer Edition for 2023 featuring a pulsating lineup of circuit anthems with the biggest circuit tribal house! This time, the beat is wild, and the rhythm is tribal. We’re …Read More, Stream and Download

Ripped shirtless guy in a military uniform with pants unzipped

Summer’s Hottest Circuit Anthems! — Summer Edition 2022

It’s been a hot minute since our last Circuit & Anthems set and for a good reason. Party Favorz was doling out a marathon of gay anthem classics that 1) there wasn’t enough time to complete a circuit set for Pride and 2) there weren’t enough worthy new tracks to compile a Pride set. The …Read More, Stream and Download

Sexy shirtless man with lowcut bathing suit

Summer Edition 2021 | Beat the Heat with the Summer’s Hottest Circuit Anthems!

Keeping up the pressure on our summer release schedule, Party Favorz is dropping the annual Summer Edition 2021 featuring summer’s hottest gay circuit anthems. Enjoy! Album: Summer Edition 2021  Genre: Circuit, Tribal, House Year: 2021 Total Time: 03:57:09 1. Rafael Barreto feat. OXA – Great Wall (Leanh Club Remix) 2. Molly Sanden – Husavik (Jose …Read More, Stream and Download


Summer Edition 2020 | SWEAT To the Hottest Circuit Anthems

Is it hot enough outside for you? If not — things just got hotter with the annual Summer Edition and this set is smoking! Y’all need to show us some love because it’s not like Circuit music doesn’t exist but there appears to be less and less of it since the onset of the pandemic. …Read More, Stream and Download