Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 14 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 14 years!

Filthy Gorgeous | Circuit & Anthem Classics Megamix

Circuit & AnthemsSo the last time we were talking, I think someone mentioned something about hot sex on the dance floor, is that correct?  Ah yes, I remember now.  Coming back at ya with more drama, big beats, and even larger voices, Filthy Gorgeous picks up where the first two left off.  Peter Rauhofer is definitely representing in this set from the stunningly elegant A Thousand Beautiful Things by Annie Lennox and Beautiful by Christina Aguilera to the dirty funk re-work of the Vanity 6 classic Nasty Girl by Inaya Day.  DAMN! This guy is missed.

When it comes to big room drama, Hex Hector will always be at the top of the list of our go-to DJs.  Obviously, I closed the set out with his massive production of Waiting For Tonight by Jennifer Lopez.  I figured I had been extolling the virtues of that one song so much, I damn well better get it worked in.

The third and fourth volumes of the Epic Circuit Anthems series were actually the first two I put together.  Originally I started out slicing these songs up by reigning in their grandeur, while it would have been blasphemy to even touch others.  By the time I got to the final two sets, represented here as volume 1 & 2, I decided to let the songs ride and did little to no editing.  I know folks will fall down on either side of that decision.  The purest prefers to let the children run free and wild, while the prudent prefer a little judicial restraint. So you get a little of both.  In the end, I think my creative decision worked out well.

I realize we got 4th of July coming up tomorrow, but that ain’t gonna stop me from posting the final set, which I have aptly titled Strict Machine.  I’m off tomorrow so I’ll have some time to start editing down the tracklist for the next summer EDM set, which may or may not be called Hot Mess.  So far, it’s anything but that.  Don’t worry about me though, I’ll have plenty of time to sneak in some rays, bar-b-q, and beer before the fireworks.  Until tomorrow, ENJOY!

Album : Filthy Gorgeous | Epic Circuit Anthems
Genre : Circuit, House
Year : 2014
Total Time : 01:49:53

1. Annie Lennox – A Thousand Beautiful Things (Peter Rauhofer Beautiful Strings Anthem)

2. Tony Moran vs. Deborah Cooper – Heartbeat (Tony Moran Mixshow Edit)

3. Jason Walker – Set it Free (Tony Moran Mix)

4. Faith Hill – Breathe (Hex Hector Club Mix)

5. Sarah Atereth – It Doesn’t Take Much (Tracy Young Club Mix)

6. Seal – Get It Together (Bill Hamel Vocal Mix)

7. Scissor Sisters – Filthy Gorgeous (Paper Faces Remix)

8. Christina Aguilera – Beautiful (Peter Rauhofer Extended Club Remix)

9. Inaya Day – Nasty Girl (Peter’s Reconstruction Mix)

10. Praxis feat. Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out (Escape vs. Guido Mix)

11. Chaka Khan feat. Mary J. Blige – Disrespectful (Paulo & Dutkevitch Creative Mix)

12. Faith Trent – Body (Reach Out) (Widelife Club Mix)

13. Anastacia – I’m Outta Love (Hex Hector Main Club Mix)

14. Reina – No One’s Gonna Change You (Jonathan Peters Mixshow Mix)

15. Jennifer Lopez – Waiting For Tonight (Hex Hector Vocal Remix Extended)

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