Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Gay Anthems 2009 Volume 2

Recently, I was criticized for using a title to my blog that has long been associated with drug use.  What these individuals do not know is the story behind “Party Favorz” which was coined by friends upon my arrival at after-hours parties in South Texas where I grew up.

Since I was a kid, I was always the one looked to, to provide the entertainment at parties.  My love for all music continued into my adult life with a preference for house music, disco and all other forms of dance music.  When I would show up at these after-hours parties, I was always asked if I brought any “party favors” with me.  That reference was to cool dance music that would be played in the background at these late-night gatherings.  The name stuck and that’s what I have been calling my mixes since 1999.  To lessen the confusion, I even have a ‘description’ of this site in the left-hand column that always seems to get lost on the haters or at the very least ignored:

Party Favorz is a series of mainstream/circuit club mixes that I started making for friends in 1999.

Additionally, my followers have also been criticized for being uneducated “party boys” who lived for the circuit and drug use.  That could be further from the truth.  While I don’t personally know everyone that follows this site, many of them are professionals from doctors, nurses, lawyers, graphic designers, trainers, and educators.  To make a generalized statement about people who like to go out on weekends, dance, unwind and just have fun is a misnomer.  They are everyday people from all walks of life who are able to balance their professional lives with their private lives.  Whatever happens after the leopard spots from the disco ball fades, is no one’s business but theirs.  For all the haters, I suggest you worry about cleaning your own backyard before worrying about your neighbors.

2009 marks the 20th anniversary of Almighty Records, a feat that’s practically unheard of in the dance music industry.  They are celebrating this marked occasion with their “Essentials” collection which debuts one new release each month.  The gay community is blessed with the great efforts of DJ Andy Almighty and his organization for breathing life into these timeless classics and opening them up to an entirely new generation of club-goers.  For that, we are most humbled and entirely in your indebtedness for making our lives that much richer.  We thank you from the bottom of our little queer hearts.

I just want to remind everyone that these mixes are for your enjoyment, but more importantly, have been created to benefit the good work of Equality Across America.  A $10 donation per mix is required for you to gain access and download each set.  Your generous donations will go towards our efforts to gain full equality for the LGBT community in the United States.  Thank you for your consideration.

Album : Gay Anthems v2
Artists : Various
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:31:38:00

Track : 1
Title : It’s A Sin (Almighty Mix)
Artist : Pet Shop Boys

It was once said that if you did not own a copy of Madonna’s “Immaculate Collection” Erasure’s “POP! 20 Hits” and Pet Shop Boys “Discography: The Complete Singles Collection” you should have your platinum gay card revoked.  While the statement was intended to be tongue in cheek, the truth is, I like many of my friends have all of these CDs.  Maybe there was some truth in there.

Track : 2
Title : Why (Almighty 12” Essential Mix)
Artist : Jimmy Somerville

In 1985, when my brother returned from a year-long stint in Europe, he had brought back several albums including the 12″ of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” the Eurythmics’ “Touch” (well before its U.S. release) and Bronski Beat’s “Age of Consent.”  Listening to Bronski Beat for the first time, I was completely taken away by the obviousness of the lyrics from “Smalltown Boy” and “Why.”  I knew this album was speaking to me.  It was then that I realized that my brother and I had the same, uh, sexual preferences; that and the Blue Boy magazines he had hidden in his closet, which I found rather entertaining.

Track : 3
Title : Losing My Mind (Almighty Mix)
Artist : Liza Minnelli

In 1989, The collaboration between the Pet Shop Boys and Liza on her now-classic album “Results” was every queen’s dream.  From camp to cabaret, it has all the drama a girl could ever endure and then some.

Track : 4
Title : Most Precious Love 2006 (Freemasons ”Proper” Club Mix)
Artist : Blaze pres. Barbara Tucker

To me, Barbara Tucker is the ultimate diva.  In fact, she was my very first inductee into the “Diva Hall of Fame” back in 2008.  With hits like “Beautiful People” “I Get Lifted” “Stop Playing with My Mind” and more recently “Love Vibrations” she has this every present coolness factor that I can never shake off.  Originally released in 2005, “Most Precious Love” didn’t really take off until the following year when the Freemasons were enlisted and gave it a “proper” mix.  From there, the song became history.

Track : 5
Title : What Hope Have I (7th Heaven Mirrorball Mix)
Artist : Sphinx feat. Sabrina Johnston

The minute I heard the 7th Heaven remix of this #1 classic gay anthem from 1995, I was immediately immersed in the powerful vocals and the powerful lyrics.  Sabrina, who has been all over the place lately, takes the self-loathing lyrics and provides serious emotional value.  Written from the point of view of someone born into disadvantage, the song never provides a solution.  Perhaps there should be a part 2 where our protagonist is settled and happy.

Track : 6
Title : Bad Habit (ATFC Club Mix)
Artist : Onephatdeeva

The newer 2009 remixes of this song didn’t quite do this empowered angry queen classic any justice.  Sticking with the original, it’s as fresh as the day it came out in 2000.

Track : 7
Title : Catch You Baby (7th Heaven Mix)
Artist : Lonnie Gordon

This update of this 1991 dance/pop song by 7th Heaven breathes new life into it making a classic all over again.  Lonnie still performs regularly in the UK and is expected to have some new material in 2010.

Track : 8
Title : You Make Me Feel Good (Club Junkies Mix)
Artist : Pat Hodges

It’s hard to pin down the gospel singer from Michigan, who provided us with this massive tune and “Love Revolution.”  When I first heard this re-work last year, I found myself bouncing all over the place, mouthing off to the words “you make me feel like I wanna spell everything.”  Miss Hodges, you need to come out of hiding because we need more anthems like this.

Track : 9
Title : Outside (Hex Hector 12” Mix)
Artist : George Michael

George’s 1998/99 classic came about as a result of his arrest for engaging in a lewd act.  Many of us have been there before, cruising in a public restroom, park, botanical gardens, truck stop, etc.  Though I plead the fifth, it was George’s official coming out that made even more news.  No doubt, many a young woman’s hearts was broken upon hearing their 80s heartthrob was gay.  Then again, us boys were saying, “and that’s news?”

Track : 10
Title : Free Gay & Happy  (Extended Vocal Mix)
Artist : Verde feat. Justine

“Free Gay & Happy” was originally released in 1994/95 by the Coming Out Crew featuring the fabulous vocals of Sabrina Johns(t)on.  Though there was some confusion due to the dropped “t” in her name, it is the one and only Miss Johnston who provides the original vocals.  The song itself is a testimony to gay liberation and rightfully earns its spot in the greatest gay anthems of all time.  Though updated by Almighty featuring the vocals of their very own Disco Divas, I opted to go with the version by Verde which is featured on last year’s Fierce Angel compilation and my own Pride Edition 2008 volume 4 .

Track : 11
Title : Flawless (Phunk Investigation Club)
Artist : The Ones

Officially released in 2001, “Flawless” by The Ones is said to be inspired by the 1999 film starring Robert De Niro and Phillip Seymour Hoffman of the same name.  Already a worldwide smash prior to its release, the song comprised of a single relentless hook was later remade by George Michael with added lyrics.  No matter how you slice it or dice, this song is a crowd-pleaser, even to this day.

Track : 12
Title : I’m Coming Out (Almighty Anthem Mix)
Artist : Diana Ross

Almighty reworking the all-time greatest gay pride anthem. What else is there to say?

Track : 13
Title : No Strings (Let’s Have Sex) (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix)
Artist : Lola

The Moto Blanco mix is part of a 2006 promotional remix CDR by Sony that was released providing even more oomph to this #1 club anthem about sexual freedom from 2005. Oddly, we haven’t heard anything from this French beauty since then.

Track : 14
Title : Be Without You (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix)
Artist : Mary J. Blige

Hands in the air for this massive comeback for Miss Blige from 2006.  Though she initially wasn’t a fan of the dance remixes of her songs, after the Thunderpuss twist of “No More Drama” this only further solidified her base within the gay community.

Track : 15
Title : A Higher Place (7th Heaven Remix)
Artist : Peyton

For the longest time, I thought Peyton was a black man.  It turns out he’s a white guy from North Carolina who was raised in the Pentecostal church.  It wasn’t until he moved to the UK (where he currently resides) and was fortunate to have this gospel-tinged song released on Hed Kandi.  Though he’s more popular in Europe than in the states, one listen to “A Higher Place” and you too will be singing the praises of the Lord.  In case you’re wondering, yes he’s gay.

Track : 16
Title : Proud (Josh Harris Pride Extended Remix)
Artist : Heather Small

This is an amazing 2006 rework of Heather’s original from several years earlier, which was prominently featured on the “Queer as Folk” soundtrack and Showtime series.  This is a brilliantly 

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