Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Gay Days Edition 2009 Volume 1

Gay Days are here again and I’m bringing along the tunes to complete the party!  Whereas last year I did First Splash and then the Pride Editions in June, this year and going forward will focus on Gay Days just after Memorial Day Weekend.

Because there are so many festivities around this time, I thought it would be best to just focus on one of them and that can actually be the soundtrack for your Pride festivities as well.  Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting any Pride mixes, because you will.  If you remember my post at the beginning of the year, I had come to the conclusion that whipping out eight or so mixes for the Year-End Edition was a bit much.

So, I decided that by mid-year (December through May) I would put out a series of mixes that will be focused on Pride but will be more like a Mid-Year Edition.  Don’t worry, you still get your Summer Edition which will be out sometime in July.  Due to the amount of music, I process and the variety of genres, this seemed like the most plausible way to handle this.  Frankly, many of the songs that will appear on the Pride Edition are still hot and being played around the world, so they’re still pretty much fresh.

Right now, it’s all about Gay Days.  If you’ve never been out to Orlando, this IS  a blast and something you should really check out.  I’m a sucker for rollercoasters and fun scary rides; so hanging out at Walt Disney World all day is pure enjoyment.  Then, off to Pleasure Island for a night of fun and frolicking; not to mention all the other parties going on around the area at the same time.

I was going for an elongated, dramatic effect in these three mixes and I do believe I’ve achieved that.  I’ve managed to throw together a spice bowl of circuit, progressive, mainstream, and electro house with a squeeze of funky and updated classics to keep it interesting.  After all, who wants each song to be someone pounding on the drums?  To me, that get’s a little monotonous.

Starting out a little slower than usual, we get an update from Jocelyn Brown of her 1984 classic “Somebody Else’s Guy” which is bound to please her fans.  Then we switch into progressive mode with Safire’s “Exotique” which was recently featured in my last BPM Edition.

Probably one of the songs that are blowing up everywhere right now is “Goodbye” by Kristinia DeBarge. DJ Paulo delivers this HUGE room mix that truly satisfies.  However, it’s the oh so familiar hook that will have the boys singing long after the party is over.  “Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey.Goodbye“.  If that sounds familiar it should.  The chorus was plucked from the 1969 pop hit of the same name by Steam.  If this isn’t already big where you’re at, trust me, it will be by the time summer is over.

Of course, what would a gay celebration be without Cher?  Courtesy of the ultra hot Wayne G, we get a 2009 re-work of “Believe” which brings song full circle ten years later.  DJ Paulo and Alain Jackinsky take a stab at the recent number one “Boom” by Anjulie and work this puppy out for the big room crowd.  I have to say, I am mighty impressed with Paulo’s recent work so much so, he’ll be one of a handful to watch in 2009.

Previously, I had wet your buds with the Almighty mix of Wynonna’s “Sing”.  Now, we taking it up several notches with Jody Den Broeder’s mix.  His mix is definitely for the late-night crowd and still manages to retain the uplifting spirit of the original.  BIG is how I would best describe it.  Ceevox continues her work with poet turned clubmaster, Jimmy D. Robinson on “At Midnight”.  Though lower in stature, I’m totally feeling this song as I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.  It’s just a great song, no if and or buts.

Georgie Porgie is back with “I Believe in Love” which is another uplifting number but, with Bryan Reyes doing the remix honors, it takes on a more urgent and powerful stance.  Always a fan of the Georgie, this one does not disappoint.  Finally, we get an updated version of the 1985 classic “Why” originally performed by Bronski Beat. Though no longer together, the former lead singer Jimmy Sommerville delivers the goods with Almighty at the helm.  The lyrics alone speak volumes and still resonates to this very day.

Contempt in your eyes As I turn to kiss his lips Broken I lie All my feelings denied Blood on your fist Can you tell me why? You in your false securities Tear up my life Condemning me Name me an illness Call me a sin Never feel guilty Never give in Tell me why? You and me together Fighting for our love Can you tell me why?

I don’t know where you’re at, but I have to say with all my complaining about the rain, We are now melting under this unbearable heat.  Now, I just want the rain back.LOL!  I know, I want to have my cake and devour it too, but ain’t that the way life is?  I guess that’s about it for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the second installment.  Until then.enjoy!

Album : Gay Days Edition v1
Genre : Circuit, Progressive, Tribal, Mainstream Club, House
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:19:25.00

Track : 1
Title : Somebody Else’s Guy 2009 (Club Mix)
Artist : D.O.N.S vs. Jocelyn Brown

Track : 2
Title : Exotique (Johnny Vicious Club)
Artist : Safire

Track : 3
Title : Goodbye (DJ Paulo Club Mix)
Artist : Kristinia DeBarge

Track : 4
Title : Get On Top And Do That Again (Party Favorz Heated MashUp)
Artist : Hector Fonseca vs. Twisted Dee

Track : 5
Title : Believe (Wayne G Sydney Mardi Gras ’09 Mix)
Artist : Cher

Track : 6
Title : Feeling Love (Original Tribe Mix)
Artist : Edson Pride

Track : 7
Title : Boom (DJ Paulo & Alain Jackinsky Collaborative Mix)
Artist : Anjulie

Track : 8
Title : Elephant & Castle (Citylife Remix)
Artist : Carl Kennedy

Track : 9
Title : Sing (Jody den Broeder Extended Mix)
Artist : Wynonna

Track : 10
Title : At Midnight (Klubjumpers & Maximus3000 Dreamix Vocal)
Artist : Jimmy D Robinson pres. Ceevox

Track : 11
Title : I Believe In Love (Bryan Reyes Club Tribal Mix)
Artist : Georgie Porgie

Track : 12
Title : Saving My Love 4 U (Klubbjumpers Dub)
Artist : Wayne Numan feat. Aphrodisia

Track : 13
Title : Why (Almighty 12” Essential Mix)
Artist : Jimmy Sommerville

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