Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Party Favorz Open to DJ Submissions

I’ve been getting some interesting stuff sent to me on Twitter. So much so, I’ll be picking a couple of tracks to include in my sets depending on the genre. EDM/Dance is my preference, but Funky House, Deep & Future House with Circuit will also be considered based on what I’m working on at any given time.

If I show interest and send you a message, be sure to message me back; Otherwise, I’ll skip your track all together (no matter how much I like it). There is nothing quite like young artists who follow me but then don’t want to engage about their music because they think they don’t need the support. This is all being done with the intent to promote the artist from within the written portion of the actual podcast. Believe it or not, people actually do read what I write.

Another reason to engage is that I may very well incorporate a radio show into Party Favorz with my favorite tracks of the week before they appear on the next mix. Forget Top 10’s; folks want to know what’s new and HOT! and that’s the direction I plan on taking the radio show.

Besides, I was told I have a good speaking voice and folks in other countries like the American accent.

Ultimately, I’ll be seeking some of the freshest podcasts for inclusion as well; though I want to get through these news parts first to gauge and tweak it to perfection.

So, shoot me your tracks you think I should include via the contact method on this site. I won’t accept it any other way. Tell me something interesting about yourself and include tracks that you think I SHOULD consider as opposed to say your latest single. Be sure to include artwork or logos. All these materials will be brought in for maximum exposure.

I did say at some point we’d finally be expanding and looking to do more to support the artists that make up the bulk of this site. After careful consideration on how to do that, we’ve finally arrived.

IF your song does not appear on a set; don’t freak out. It often means I couldn’t cohesively make it work. If it still doesn’t show up by the next set; keep on with your submissions you’ll eventually hit that sweet spot for inclusion in Party Favorz.


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