Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

Simply Red Dance Legacy

I am wrapping up the week and possibly Party Favorz with a Legacy request by a member who has supported my efforts and bailed my ass out more times than I can count.

Simply Red Legacy is the perfect synthesis of soulful R&B pop and House Music, which was indicative of the time these songs were released.

Lead singer Mike Hucknall has an amazing voice that lends itself to hits like Holding Back the Years, Money’s Too Tight Too Mention, If You Don’t Know Me By Now, and on down the line. Their album Home is as relevant now as when it was originally released. If you don’t own their greatest hits, it will just melt your heart and I can’t recommend it enough!

I had to skip club favorites like the Club 69 remix of Ain’t That a Lot of Love (which for some reason was omitted from my 1999 Year in Dance) and the AFTC’s version of Sunrise in favor of their more house-friendly versions but that won’t distract from the pure bliss for diehard fans and house music lovers alike.

It is with sincere respect and admiration for this truly gifted singer and group that Party Favorz honors Simply Red with an induction into our Legacy series.

This entire set is dedicated to Marshall with love.

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Album : Simply Red | Legacy
Genre : House Music
Year : 2017
Total Time : 1:58:46
  1. You Make Me Feel Brand New (Love To Infinity Master Mix)
  2. Stay (7th Heaven Vocal Mix)
  3. Fake (Phunk investigation Extended Club Mix)
  4. Ain’t That A Lot Of Love (Phats & Small Mutant Disco Vocal Mix)
  5. Fairground (Too Precious Remix)
  6. Never Never Love (US R&B Mix)
  7. Freedom (Perfecto Mix)
  8. Sunrise (Love To Infinity Club Mix)
  9. Perfect Love (Love To Infinity Club Mix)
  10. Oh! What A Girl! (Sweet Connection Club Mix)
  11. Money’s Too Tight [To Mention] (United City Mix)
  12. Say You Love Me (Classic Club Remix)
  13. Angel (Mousse T. Club Mix)
  14. Thrill Me (Masters At Work House Mix)
  15. Holding Back the Years (Shaan Saigol Remix)
  16. Your Eyes (Jimmy Gomez Funky Mix)
  17. It’s Only Love (Valentine Mix)
  18. So Not Over You (Johnny Douglas Radio Mix)
  19. Remembering The First Time (Satoshi Tomiie Classic 12″ Mix)
  20. Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) (Haji & Emanuel Club Mix)
  21. Home (Motivi Hi-Lectro Mix)
  22. To Be Free (Livin’ Joy A-Hanetta Mix)
  23. Holding Back The Years (Original Rework Retro Remix By DJ Sacflashback)
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