Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Spring Edition 2009 Volume 3

Here at Party Favorz, I don’t take a break okay, once in a while, but when it comes to serving up some of the freshest beats on the circuit, there’s no time for disco naps or egg hunting.  This is the final edition of spring and boy oh boy is it a scorcher!  Starting off with Yinon’s take on Deborah Cox’s “Beautiful U R” which is an amazing prog mix that has a beautiful drop about 2/3 of the way in.  Deep, dark, and haunting, this is truly an amazing song that is supposed to have a second set of mixes coming out soon.  In the meantime, Deborah also collaborated with Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Laidback Luke for the star-studded “Leave the World Behind” which will be featured in my upcoming System Edition; so be on the watch for that.

You may be scratching your head and wondering what the hell Acorn, I mean Akon is doing on this mix; especially since he’s not a particular favorite of mine.  Because Tracy Young worked this song every which way but loose!  If you can get past the vocals, Tracy’s “Monster Mix” is worth the price of admission.  I already mentioned Razor ‘n’ Guido in my last post, so just know their re-work of the classic “Drop a House” is HOT!

The Chriss Ortega mix of “My Life Would Suck Without You” had already appeared on my last BPM Edition, but is the only entry for this song that’s worth the play.  I really expected more from Tommy Sunshine and Friscia and Lamboy, but they basically turned in a mix that Jason Nevins could have worked out had he been asked to mix the song eh!

Then we’ve got the return of Depeche Mode and the elusive Peter Rauhofer mix currently only available as a promo.  Why they left it off the commercial release is beyond me, because Peter’s mix is not only the best but smoldering.  I am a little concerned that David’s vocals are not up to par, leaving one to wonder.

We finally get some new mixes for Rihanna’s “Breaking Dishes” and Ralphi, true to form, did not disappoint.  I liked the ‘Soul Seekerz’ mix well enough from the original remix album that was released in conjunction with “Good Girl Gone Bad”, but this version brings it to life.  I just hope those are Chris’ dishes she’s breaking; in fact go ahead and bust his balls while you’re at it.

Probably my biggest disappointment here is the Junior Vasquez take on “Please Don’t Leave”.  An absolutely beautiful song in its own right, I do believe he could have done better.  This mix isn’t bad but would have been better served with the full vocals.  Sadly, P!nk’s label didn’t commission many mixes for this, though the Digital Dog mix (which appeared on my last BPM Edition) is still the best version and retains all the elements that make this song so moving.

One of the weirdest treats in this mix comes from Jipsta’s “I Want Your Sex”.  If you were thinking ‘George Michael”‘, you thought right.  I always thought this song was ripe for a remake, but never in a million years did I think a hip-hop/rapper would re-do it.  All I can say is HELL YEAH!  This song rocks and is accompanied by a ton of excellent mixes.  I don’t usually use Mike Rizzo except in the BPM mixes, but his slamming take warranted inclusion.

The Perry Twins in collaboration with Niki Haris turn in a really fun song and is considerably beefed-up mix by the Escape & Capello team, who are currently riding high with one club hit after another.  Another welcome surprise comes from Cevin Fisher.  After last year’s remake of his classic “You Got Me (Burnin’ Up)”, Cevin dove right back in his bag of goodies and brought out another classic “The Freaks Come Out”.   As with the last release, the mixes for this song are all stellar.  I went with the Prok & Fitch remix because they are one of the underground darlings in the house scene at the moment and deliver a very memorable grind for this song.  This is going to be HUGE!

Capping off the mix, Nick Harvey delivers a tribal lover’s dream with “Beat on the Drum” and the amazing Allan Natal take on  Luis Erre’s “When You Touch Me”.  Though a bit cheezy, Allan swoops in with all the drama you expect from his mixing style and delivers a floor filler that might otherwise be written off by most.

That’s all I got for today.  The ATL finally got the beautiful spring day that I feel we are so deserving of.  We have all the windows open to allow the sun and cool breeze in.  Don’t think I plan on wasting this gorgeous day inside though.  Rick and I are going to be heading out to ‘Frogs’, one of our favorite cantinas, for some chips, salsa, and ritas in a bit.  Their outdoor patio really makes for great fun and relaxation.  I hope everyone has a very happy Easter.  I promise to be back next weekend with the next installment of the T-Dance Edition.  Until then.enjoy!

Album : Spring Edition v3
Genre : Circuit, Progressive, Tribal, Mainstream Club
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:19:39.00

Track : 1
Title : Beautiful U R (Yinon Club Mix)
Artist : Deborah Cox

Track : 2
Title : Beautiful (Tracy Young Monster Club Mix)
Artist : Akon feat. Kardinal Offishall & Colby O’Donis

Track : 3
Title : Drop A House (Razor ‘N’ Guido Mix)
Artist : DJ DeMarko! feat. Heather Leigh West

Track : 4
Title : My Life Would Suck Without You (Chriss Ortega Club Mix)
Artist : Kelly Clarkson

Track : 5
Title : Wrong (Peter Rauhofer Vocal Mix)
Artist : Depeche Mode

Track : 6
Title : Breaking Dishes (Ralphi & Craig J Mix)
Artist : Rihanna

Track : 7
Title : Please Don’t Leave Me (Junior Vasquez Remix)
Artist : P!nk

Track : 8
Title : I Want Your Sex (Mike Rizzo M2 Original Club Mix)
Artist : Jipsta

Track : 9
Title : Bad Bad Boy (DJ Escape & Dom Capello Club Mix)
Artist : The Perry Twins feat. Niki Haris

Track : 10
Title : The Freaks Come Out ’09 (Prok & Fitch ‘Original Rocks’ Mix)
Artist : Cevin Fisher

Track : 11
Title : Beat On The Drum (Original Mix)
Artist : Nick Harvey

Track : 12
Title : When U Touch Me (Allan Natal Remix)
Artist : Luis Erre feat. Leo Granieri

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