Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

T-Dance Edition 2009 Volume 2 (Take 2)

I never thought in a million years that I would be forced to remove a DJ Meme or Mark Pichiotti tune from my mix, but that day has arrived.  It’s not even because they were bad songs; on the contrary, they were quite stellar.

Unfortunately, I have to look at two things when I’m forced to start consolidating a mix to get it down from say three sets to two: 1) Will the song work in a variety of areas allowing me to use it properly 2) Is it really worth salvaging?  Of course, the first question is the most important, because if it doesn’t flow well then question #2 is rather pointless.  I just hope the house gods show some forgiveness this go around.

Regardless, there is plenty of brand spanking new DJ Meme contained in the two sets to keep the wolves at bay.  The one song that was removed will resurface in the future “Catching Up with DJ Meme” set I have planned for early May.  Right now I’m waiting on one new mix of his that is about to be released by Joey Negro’s ‘Sunburst Band’ “Sitting On Top of the World”.  Once that arrives I’ll get down to making what should be a very outstanding set of DJ Meme mixes dating back several years.  This is something I’ve had planned for a while because I know he is currently working with his own band, much like Joey Negro which may very well be touring this summer; something definitely worth watching out for.  In the meantime, check out DJ Meme in the studio with his orchestra working out the arrangement for the song.  Warning! You may slobber yourself, wet with anticipation.

For now, I’m serving up some delicious funky house on the soulful tip with some jazzy elements to keep it fresh.  Trust me, it doesn’t disappoint.  I want to dedicate this mix to those followers of Party Favorz from Colorado.  I realize many parts of the state are buried under several feet of snow with more on the way; my sympathies go out to you.  Hopefully, you’ll find playing these mixes will warm up your house until your surroundings begin to thaw.  I’m confident that will happen soon enough, so just show a little faith and as Suzanne says “believe”.

That’s all I got for you guys (and gals).  I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Barring any interruptions, I’ll be back next week with the next installment of the System Edition.  Until then, remain optimistic and cheery and as always.enjoy!

Album : T-Dance Edition v2
Genre : Disco, Funky, House, Soulful
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:19:23.00

Track : 1
Title : I Believe 2009 (Mark!’s Original Lift You Up Vocal)
Artist : The Absolute feat. Suzanne Palmer

Track : 2
Title : No It Wasn’t Love (Terry’s Club Mix)
Artist : Blackstory

Track : 3
Title : Rock This Town (DJ Meme Mix)
Artist : Dimitri From Paris

Track : 4
Title : Lead You To Love (Jay Vegas Fadin Piano Remix)
Artist : Groove Invaderz feat. Katy Allen

Track : 5
Title : If It’s Right (DJ Meme Club Mix)
Artist : Leo Cuenca feat. Rachel Claudio

Track : 6
Title : Hold Your Head Up (Club Mix)
Artist : Sound Conducterz feat. Merenia

Track : 7
Title : Can’t Stop The Rain (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Artist : Shena

Track : 8
Title : I Can’t Stop 2009 (David Penn Remix)
Artist : Sandy Rivera

Track : 9
Title : Jazz It Up (Jask’s Thai-Soul-Furic Mix)
Artist : Dutchican Soul

Track : 10
Title : Together As One (The Flute Dub)
Artist : One51

Track : 11
Title : Say That You Love Me (Eric Kupper Japanese Remix)
Artist : AK

Track : 12
Title : Love Crazy (Triple D Remix)
Artist : Warren Clarke & Tara McDonald

Track : 13
Title : I Need A Miracle 2009 (Funkda’s Playing With Knives Vocal Mix)
Artist : Coco Star

Track : 14
Title : The Shame (Warren Clarke Remix)
Artist : Lucien Foort

Track : 15
Title : Red (Moto Blanco Club Remix)
Artist : Daniel Merriweather

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