Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

T-Dance Edition 2010 Volume 3 | Take 1

Surprise! Surprise!  Going Forward, the Millennium Edition will be rolled into the Chrome Edition.  By doing this, I won’t have to limit myself to a decade and will be able to grab whatever I’m feeling at any given moment.  As such, I’ve decided to delay the release of the next couple of volumes until next week and replace this weeks post with T-Dance.  I don’t think most if any of you will mind.

In other news, there are even bigger things coming to Party Favorz in the near future.  Mainly, I’ve decided to give the BPM Edition its own platform.  The numbers for that series are quite high and I believe that it can sustain its own site.  Think of it as one of your favorite characters from a sitcom that leaves the show for a spin-off of that same character.  BPM is still going to be around, it’s just going to have its own home.

For the premium subscribers that have been with me since February and even those that recently signed up, I’ll be sending each of you an email in the near future with an added bonus for your support.  When you get something from me, I highly suggest you read it and not delete it.  I won’t be fielding questions regarding the change after it goes into effect.

I don’t want to get too bogged down in this post as I fear many of you have ADD and will just skip to the bottom anyway LOL.  I can’t blame you, I have a tendency to ramble in my posts, so I just wanted to stay on point and keep everyone abreast of the new changes coming soon.

I’ll be back on Friday or Saturday with part 2.  Until then, enjoy!

Album : T-Dance Edition 2010 v3 | Take 1
Artist : Various
Genre : Funky, House, Soulful, Disco

Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:22:28:00

Track : 1
Title : You’re The One For Me (Diego Auguanno Vox Mix)
Artist : D Train

Track : 2
Title : In The City (Old Skool Club)
Artist : Adamski Products Inc.

Track : 3
Title : Everybody Dance (Schenetti vs. Rivaz Get Funk)
Artist : Rivaz feat. Laurent N

Track : 4
Title : That Thang (Drivin’ My Mercedes) (Original Mix)
Artist : Muzik Box

Track : 5
Title : Shelter You (Original)
Artist : Miss Irma Derby

Track : 6
Title : Sweet Baby (Earnshaw’s Little Big Vocal Mix)
Artist : Cool Million feat. Meli’sa Morgan

Track : 7
Title : Give You Up (Original)
Artist : Willie Graff & Tuccillio

Track : 8
Title : Free Love (Mike Bordes Club Mix)
Artist : Zelma Davis

Track : 9
Title : Life Goes On (Jesse Martinez & Francis Paul Track)
Artist : Georgie Porgie

Track : 10
Title : Stand Up (Original)
Artist : Discotron

Track : 11
Title : Deny You (Bogle Extended Vocal)
Artist : Cynthia Miler

Track : 12
Title : Tonight’s The Night (Original Club Mix)
Artist : Lowe feat. Jody Watley

Track : 13
Title : It Feels Good (JSJ Extended Club)
Artist : Tres Grand feat. Velma Dandzo

Track : 14
Title : Love Don’t Pay The Rent (DJ Meme Orchestral Club Mix)
Artist : Mone

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