Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

The Latest Circuit & Anthems for Winter 2022!

Get ready, dance music lovers, because Winter Edition 2022 is here and it’s jam-packed with pulse-quickening tunes that you won’t want to miss. This Circuit & Anthems blends iconic diva vocals with thumping tribal beats that guarantee a good time.

Crafting the Perfect Mix

Building a high-quality playlist is far from a cakewalk, and this latest set is no exception. After some uphill battles with constructing my new workstation, I finally triumphed and plunged headfirst into the musical fray. I spent a full Friday diving deep into new releases across platforms like Beatport, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. While it might sound like a leisurely scroll through a musical library, it’s a day-long commitment to separate the gold from the chaff.

A Saturday Well-Spent

On the following day, it was time to blend these selected gems together. Mixing this entire set of circuit & anthems in one sitting, the result exceeded even my lofty expectations. I consider it a point of pride to recognize when a job is well done, and this set meets that bar and then some. It’s not just the painstaking effort; the set required an investment—more than $80 to be precise. Yet what truly elevates it to the next level are the immaculate remixes from a medley of international artists and DJs.

Stellar Tracks in the Spotlight

Among the standout tracks in this release are “Here I Stand” remixed by Tony Moran & GSP, and Kim English’s “Everyday” brought to life by Brett Oosterhaus. Then, of course, we have “The Motto” by Tiesto & Ava Max, also remixed by Brett Oosterhaus, that simply cannot be ignored.

Let’s not forget Dan Slater & Zoe Badwi’s “I’ve Been Waiting,” which received the Dirty Disco & Matt Consola Mainroom Remix treatment. These tracks, among many others, are the building blocks that make this set of circuit & anthems an unforgettable club experience.

The Road Ahead

Now that this release is out in the ether, I’ve got my sights set on other tantalizing projects. The Trance Classics I’ve been hinting at? They’re next on the agenda. Moreover, I’ve got an Electro House Classics series in the pipeline, and let’s not forget the upcoming House Classics set that takes us back to the early millennium. Each of these projects represents a colossal undertaking, but they’re challenges I’m eager to tackle.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album: Winter Edition 2022 
Genre: Circuit, Tribal, Progressive House
Year: 2022
Total Time: 03:37:06

1. Vasil Garvanliev – Here I Stand (Tony Moran & GSP Anthem Remix)

2. Kim English – Everyday (Brett Oosterhaus Remix)

3. Tiesto & Ava Max – The Motto (Brett Oosterhaus Remix)

4. Micky Friedmann & Heidi Stober – Misunderstood (GSP Remix)

5. Charli XCX – Beg For You (Dario Xavier Remix)

6. Jax Jones feat. MNEK – Where Did You Go (Dario Xavier Remix)

7. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez – Do It (Original Mix)

8. Tony Moran feat. Jennifer Holliday – People Come Together (Erick Ibiza & Isak Salazar Super Cha Cha Cha Remix)

9. Dan Slater & Zoe Badwi – I’ve Been Waiting (Dirty Disco & Matt Consola Mainroom Remix)

10. Audrey Graham, Bruno Kauffmann & Ludo Kaiser – I Miss You (Miguel Picasso Remix)

11. RAY ISAAC – Fired Up! (Thiago Antony Circuit Remix)

12. Offer Nissim feat. Ivana Lola – Kissed By You (Original Mix)

13. Zoe – Constant Craving (Toy Armada Remix)

14. Debby Holiday & Brett Oosterhaus feat. Chris Pierce – Love & Beats (Jace M & Toy Armada Remix)

15. TFD – Forever Love (Original Mix)

16. Alesso & Katy Perry – When I’m Gone (Brian Cua Tribal Rave Remix)

17. Rigoberta Bandini – In Spain We Call It Soledad (Mor Avrahami Remix)

18. Doris Day – Perhaps Perhaps (Taylor Cruz 2022 Rework)

19. Christina Aguilera & Ozuna – Santo (Thiago Antony Remix)

20. Jose Spinnin Cortes & Tony Beat – Bailar Contigo (Extended Club Mix)

21. Kim Petras – Treat Me Like A Slut (Dario Xavier Remix)

22. House of Labs & Junior Senna – Dancefloor (Brian Cua Tribal Rave Remix)

23. Jonatan Tamayo & Jonathan Berbel – Bad Queens (Original Mix)

24. The Weeknd – Sacrifice (Taylor Cruz Remix)

25. Nick Harvey feat. Audrey Callahan – No More Heartache (Nick Harvey Main Club Mix)

26. Anitta vs. Maycon Reis vs. Thi.Antony – Boys Don’t Cry (Enrry Senna MASH! PVT)

27. Nacho Chapado – Après Minuit Freakin People (Original Mix)

28. Destiny’s Child – Lose My Breath (Alan Capetillo & Jesus Mendiola Remix)

29. Everything But The Girl – Missing (Dario Xavier 2k22 Remix)

30. Mor Avrahami feat. Nalaya & Maya Karunna – Power Love (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Mix)

31. Antoine Clamaran & Supala – Alert (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez 2k20 Mix)

32. Ralphi Rosario & Linda Clifford – I Hear The Music (Paul Adam Remix)

33. Doja Cat – Woman (Isak Salazar, Luis Vazquez & Erick Ibiza Remix)

34. Esteban Lopez & Matias Trommel feat. Lena Martin – Pray 2k22 (Original Mix)

35. Stephen Jusko & DJ Blacklow feat. Audrey Callahan – Shadows Of The Night (Jace M & Toy Armada Remix)

36. Stars On 54 – If You Could Read My Mind (Ale Maes Remix)

37. Gayle – abcdefu (Dario Xavier Remix)

38. Felipe Accioly – You Make Me Hot (Club Mix)

39. Yerko Molina – Work It Out (Original Mix)

40. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez – How Does It Feel (Original Mix)

41. Tony Moran, GSP & James Anthony feat. Nikki Valentine – Myself (Oscar Velazquez Superclub Mix)

42. Donna Summer feat. Shouse – I Feel Love Tonight (Claudio Spagnoli High Hell Club Mix)

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