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The Mixtape Sessions v1 | Spring 2015


Welcome to the first Mixtape Sessions of 2015.  Unlike the last few, I was aiming for a happier vibe with the next two offerings; something that would reflect better days to come.  It still gets a little moody in spots, but nothing that would make you want to put a noose around your neck LOL.

One thing I can say for certain, this is the only place you're gonna find The Jackson 5, Simon & Garfunkel right next to Diplo and Iggy Azalea LOL.  I guess I'll just have to let the set speak for itself.

Though I have two of these on tap for you folks, I've decided to break things up and post a new Diva set tomorrow and then the second Mixtape next week followed by another Diva set.  It's all good; so don't freak out if I don't follow the natural order.

I'll be back tomorrow with Taylor Dayne's official induction into the Diva Hall of Fame.  Until then ...ENJOY!

Album : The Mixtape Sessions v1 | Spring 2015
Genre : Chill, Deep House, Funk, Indie, Tech House
Year : 2015
Total Time : 01:23:37
  1. The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Shaparder & LRX Remix)
  2. Crazy P - Heartbreaker (Twin Remix)
  3. Jennifer Paige - Crush (MFU Bootleg)
  4. Simon & Garfunkel - Sound of Silence (The Golden Pony Remix)
  5. Diplo - Revolution (Unlike Pluto remix)
  6. Lapsley - Falling Short (JackLNDN Remix)
  7. LOVRA - Love Sensation (Club Mix)
  8. The Magician feat. Years and Years - Sunlight [Darius Remix]
  9. Tony Carbone - That's How She Feels (Original)
  10. Ed Sheeran vs. Macklemore - Same Love (Wild Culture Remix)
  11. MIA - Paper Planes (Eau Claire Remix)
  12. Walden vs. Havana Brown - No Ordinary Love (Zwette Remix)
  13. Ben- & Falki feat. Leslie - Help Myself (Original)
  14. Kiasmos - Looped (Original)
  15. Yuri Petrovski -True (Original Mix)
  16. Mr. FijiWiji feat. Openwater - Growing Up (Original Mix)
  17. Mikky Ekko - Smile (Grabbitz Remix)
  18. Shake Shake Go - England Skies (Epic Empire Remix)
  19. Iggy Azalea feat. Jennifer Hudson - Trouble (Edit)
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