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Summer Chill 2016

As we move into the heat of summer, I thought we should cool things down a bit with Summer Chill, the latest in the Mixtape series. Things kick off with Zedd & Aloe Blacc’s ode to Willy Wonka’s Candyman and totally rewritten lyrics turning it into an uplifting song about peace, love, and unity; something …Read More, Stream and Download

The Mixtape Sessions | Winter ^16

It’s been almost a year since the last Mixtape release; far too long if you ask me.  I thought I could forego this series and just drop a few songs into my House sets to satisfy that itch but it just left me wanting more. Frankly, there’s just too much damn good music coming out these days …Read More, Stream and Download

The Mixtape Sessions Spring 2015 Volume 2

Following up on v1 of the Spring Mixtape Sessions, I’ve got some sweet tunes that have been on heavy rotation in my phone for the past several weeks. From classic re-works of Janet Jackson and Funkstar De Luxe (Bob Marley) to the classic remakes Better Off Alone (originally by Alice Deejay) and Show Me Love …Read More, Stream and Download

The Mixtape Sessions Spring 2015 Volume 1

Welcome to the first Mixtape Sessions of 2015.  Unlike the last few, I was aiming for a happier vibe with the next two offerings; something that would reflect better days to come.  It still gets a little moody in spots, but nothing that would make you want to put a noose around your neck LOL. …Read More, Stream and Download