Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

The Mixtape Sessions | Winter ^16

It’s been almost a year since the last Mixtape release; far too long if you ask me.  I thought I could forego this series and just drop a few songs into my House sets to satisfy that itch but it just left me wanting more. Frankly, there’s just too much damn good music coming out these days for me to leave them on the cutting-room floor.

I took a few personal favorites (All My Friends, I Took a Pill in Ibiza) from earlier House sets and mixed them in with newer go-to favorites of the moment, to make a soul-satisfying, mind-altering, mood enhancing cocktail-blend that goes down smooth with no aftertaste.

While every song included in this one and a half hour+ set is fantastic, I’m obligated to point out certain tracks that standout and/or strike a serious chord with me. Sandy Rivera’s awesome “Longtime Coming” revives the Sam Cooke classic “A Change Is Gonna Come” and wraps it into a deep and funky house tune that befits the original.  In an election year with an angry electorate, this song accurately reflects the mood of the country.

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to milk a dead cow any longer, the forever fabulous Loleatta Holloway is sampled (yet again) to create “Shelter” by Syncrosonic.  “Love Vibration” is quite possibly the most sampled song in history. Every phrase, verbiage, exaggeration and iteration of Lola’s disco classic has been dissected in whole or in itsy bitsy parts to create entirely new songs for a new generation of house music lovers.  “Shelter” represents one of the most effective uses of sampling that creates an overwhelming sense of warmth not heard in house music in a very longtime.

Other standout tracks include the devious and delectable indie track “BTFU (Mommy Issues)” by Mark Johns and an un-credited vocalist, “Wasted on You” by Louis Futon & ROZES (who is quickly becoming the darling of the indie dance world) and the deep house bomb “I Love It When You” by Sam Callahan.

That’s about all for this hump day and I hope it helps you slide into your weekend with ease.  I’ll be back on Friday with part 2 of the Winter Edition featuring some more hot tribal beats for the circuit boys.

Until then …ENJOY!

Album : The Mixtape Sessions  | Winter ^16
Genre : Chill, Deep House, Indie, Tech House
Year : 2016
Total Time : 01:47:04
  1. Freischwimmer – California Dreamin (Extended Remix)
  2. Lokee & Waxy – Sunshine (Original Mix)
  3. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – From Me To You (Original Mix)
  4. Adam Lambert – Another Lonely Night (Martin Haber & Neil Richter Remix)
  5. LaBaci – Dreaming Dragonflies (Original Mix)
  6. Sandy Rivera – Longtime Coming (Main Mix)
  7. Snakehips feat. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper – All My Friends (99 Souls Club Mix)
  8. Major Lazer feat. Nyla – Light It Up (Fuse ODG Remix)
  9. Mike Posner – I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Extended)
  10. Mark Johns – BTFU (Mommy Issues)
  11. Summer Heart – Pretty Haze (Original)
  12. Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime (Matoma Remix)
  13. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself (Division 4 Remix)
  14. Phases – I’m In Love With My Life (Eau Claire remix)
  15. Jonas Blue feat. Dakota – Fast Car (Club Mix)
  16. Syncrosonic – Shelter (Touch & Go Laidback Mix)
  17. Pretty Pink feat. Arc – Run feat. ARC (Extended Mix)
  18. Daily Holla feat. Dom Symes – Greenland (Original)
  19. Louis Futon feat. ROZES – Wasted On You
  20. Borns – Electric Love (Gryffin Remix)
  21. Claptone – The Only Thing (Tube & Berger Remix)
  22. Sam Callahan – I Love It When You (Soulshaker Original Club Mix)
  23. Ellie Goulding – Army (Danny Dove Remix)
  24. The Knocks & Matthew Koma – I Wish (My Taylor Swift) (Extended Mix)
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