Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2002 Volume 5


The year 2002 saw the dance music scene exploding with unforgettable rhythms and beats, setting the stage for some of the Top Dance Songs of 2002 that still echo in our hearts today. As we recount the most memorable dance anthems from that year, we feel the energy and passion that defined an era.

Imagine the feeling of stepping into a pulsating dance club as Kylie Minogue’s “Love At First Sight” fills the room, given an invigorating spin by Wayne G’s Anthem Mix. The enchanting melody and addictive beat encapsulate the heart and soul of dance music in 2002, a track that lights up the room and lifts spirits high.

Then there was Moony’s “Dove (I’ll Be Loving You)”, transformed by Stephane K. & John Creamer Mix into a dance anthem that resonated with fans worldwide. This club banger was emblematic of the kind of powerful, heartfelt music that made the biggest dance songs list.

Cher’s “Different Kind Of Love Song”, remixed by Rosabel, was a breath of fresh air. The unique blend of vibrant beats and heartfelt lyrics exemplified the transformative power of dance music, making it one of the Top Dance Songs of 2002.

Taylor Dayne’s “How Many” with Guido Osorio Club Mix was another standout track that year. The song’s infectious energy, combined with Dayne’s powerful vocals and Osorio’s creative remix, created a dance hit that was impossible to ignore.

“Everyday” by Kim English, spiced up by the Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix, was a symbol of hope and resilience, an anthem that united dance floors everywhere.

Lastly, “I Don’t Want U” by Wild Life, with the DezroK Club Mix, exemplified the experimental spirit of the 2002 dance scene. The track’s contagious rhythm made it one of the biggest dance songs of the year.

Reflecting on the Top Dance Songs of 2002 reminds us of the time when dance music defined our experiences and gave us unforgettable memories. These songs, these moments, remind us of the magic that is born when a DJ’s creativity meets a great tune. Here’s to the lasting impact of the biggest dance songs of 2002 that continue to inspire and move us.

Album : Year-End Edition 2002 | volume 5 
Genre : Circuit, House, Progressive
Year : 2002
Total Time : 1:18:05:00

1. Love At First Sight (Wayne G Anthem Mix) – Kylie Minogue

2. Dove (I’ll Be Loving You) (Stephane K. & John Creamer Mix) – Moony

3. Different Kind Of Love Song (Rosabel Attitude vocal) – Cher

4. How Many (Guido Osorio Club Mix) – Taylor Dayne

5. Everyday (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix) – Kim English

6. Search’n (Dezrok Club Mix) – Nicole

7. Blame (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Remix) – Sono

8. Lean On Me (Mauve’s Dark Vocal Mix) – Sounds From The Ground feat. Colein

9. I Don’t Want U (DezroK Club Mix) – Wild Life

10. Love Revolution (Rosabel Anthem Vocal) – Pat Hodges with The Sweet Inspirations

11. Love’s Gonna Save The Day (Georgie’s Original Mix) – Georgie Porgie

12. Just Like A Pill (Al B. Rich Mixshow Edit) – Pink

13. They Say Vision (Robbie Rivera’s Vocal Mix) – Res

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