Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2004 Volume 2

The year 2004 stands as an iconic year in dance music history, bringing forth a collection of rhythmically captivating and stylistically diverse tracks. The top dance songs of 2004 not only dominated the dance floors but also influenced the overall trajectory of dance music for years to come.

Enrique Iglesias and Kelis’ collaborative track “Not In Love” got an energetic revamp from Dave Aude in his remix. The remixed version took the original song’s catchy rhythm and amplified it with a dance floor-friendly tempo, making it one of the biggest dance songs of 2004. Aude’s penchant for remixing tracks into dance floor anthems is clearly showcased here, underlining why he’s a revered figure in the dance music industry.

George Michael’s “Amazing” was transformed into a club anthem by the Full Intention Club Mix. This version took Michael’s soulful vocals and combined them with a pulsating beat, earning it a place among the top dance songs of 2004. Full Intention’s skillful touch turned “Amazing” into an irrefutable dance floor filler.

In the fusion of hip-hop and dance music, Ghostface Killah’s “Tush” featuring Missy Elliott underwent a transformation by Jason Nevins‘ Porno Club Mix. This remix infused the track with a powerful rhythm and throbbing bass, making it one of the biggest dance songs of 2004. Nevins’ unique remix style is showcased here, blending hip-hop elements with club music to create an unforgettable track.

Another George Michael hit, “Flawless”, was given a new lease of life by the Shapeshifters in their remix. This rework cemented the song’s status among the top dance songs of 2004, offering a fresh, danceable beat that made it a club staple. The Shapeshifters’ innovative approach to remixing undoubtedly played a role in the track’s success.

Beyoncé’s sultry hit “Naughty Girl” received the Calderone & Quayle Club Mix treatment. The result was an infectious rhythm and irresistible beat that earned it a spot among the biggest dance songs of 2004. This remix perfectly captured the playful essence of the original song while injecting it with a new sense of energy.

Finally, Sting’s “Stolen Car” was masterfully reimagined in the Dave Aude Extended Vocal Mix. This version added a pulsating rhythm to the original track, making it one of the top dance songs of 2004. Aude’s remix brought a new perspective to Sting’s track, proving once again why his remixes are sought after in the dance music scene.

In conclusion, the top dance songs of 2004 not only ruled the club scene but also contributed to the evolution of dance music. These songs stood tall among the biggest dance songs of the year, thanks to the exceptional remixing skills of the DJs who brought a fresh twist to the original tracks. The dance music of 2004, thus, marked a vibrant chapter in the genre’s history.

Album : Year-end Edition 2004 | Volume 2
Genre : Circuit, Electro, House
Year : 2004
Total Time : 01:19:52

1. Junior Jack – Stupidisco (Extended Original Version)

2. Enrique Iglesias feat. Kelis – Not In Love (Dave Aude Remix)

3. George Michael – Amazing (Full Intention Club Mix)

4. Ghostface Killah feat. Missy Elliott – Tush (Nevins’ Porno Club Mix)

5. Angie Stone – I Wanna Thank Ya (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle’s Maximum Room Mix)

6. Robbie Rivera & Axwell feat. Suzan Brittan – Burning (Axwell’s Groove)

7. Madonna – Nothing Fails (Peter’s ‘Lost In Space’ Mix)

8. George Michael – Flawless (Shapeshifters Remix)

9. Beyoncé – Naughty Girl (Calderone & Quayle Club Mix)

10. Sting – Stolen Car (Dave Aude Extended Vocal Mix)

11. Elton John – Are You Ready For Love (Mylo Remix)

12. Duran Duran – (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Jason Nevins Club Mix)

13. DJ Dan – That Phone Track (Original Club Mix)

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