Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2006 Volume 3

In 2006, dance music underwent a vibrant transformation, with multiple groundbreaking tracks that defined the genre and left an indelible mark on the club scene. The biggest dance songs of 2006, characterized by energetic beats and memorable hooks, were not only chart-toppers but also cultural touchstones that continue to resonate with dance music enthusiasts worldwide.

Paul Oakenfold, a pioneer in the electronic music scene, paired up with actress and singer Brittany Murphy to release the catchy track “Faster Kill Pussycat”. Eddie Baez’s Future Disco Mix of the track gave it a big room dark tribal circuit remix, amplifying its dance floor appeal with enhanced synth layers and a thumping bassline, marking it as one of the top dance songs of 2006.

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, once again demonstrated her unwavering hold on the dance genre with “Jump”. The Offer Nissim Remix of this empowering track breathed new life into it, introducing high-energy beats and mesmerizing rhythms. Nissim, an Israeli DJ renowned for his remixing skills, managed to retain Madonna’s iconic style while adding his unique spin, contributing to the biggest dance songs of 2006.

Christina Aguilera’s sultry “Ain’t No Other Man” was reimagined by Tony Moran & Jody Den Broeder in their Anthem Mix. The mix highlighted Aguilera’s robust vocals while injecting an irresistibly catchy beat that had club-goers swaying to its rhythm. The track’s success cemented its place among the top dance songs of 2006.

Rihanna’s “SOS” was another standout track in 2006, remixed into an infectious dance hit by Chris Cox. His Club Mix accentuated the track’s catchy hook and driving beat, catapulting it to the top of dance charts worldwide. This energetic remix was a testament to Cox’s remixing prowess and a highlight among the biggest dance songs of 2006.

Natasha Bedingfield also made waves with “The One That Got Away”, which received an inspiring remix from the Wamdue Get Together Extended Vocal Mix. This remix, characterized by its emotive vocals and deep house influences, further underscored Bedingfield’s lyrical storytelling with an energizing beat and infectious rhythm.

In conclusion, the top dance songs of 2006 were the result of an exciting interplay of dynamic beats, unique remixes, and compelling vocals. These tracks, now considered classic club anthems, showcased the talent and creativity of both the original artists and the DJs who remixed them. They continue to inspire and captivate, reminding us of a golden era in dance music history and their significance as the biggest dance songs of 2006.

Album : Year-end Edition 2006 | Volume 3
Genre : Circuit, Electro-House
Year : 2006
Total Time : 01:14:01

1. Beyoncé – Check On It (Junior Vasquez Club Remix)

2. Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy – Faster Kill Pussycat (Eddie Baez’s Future Disco Mix)

3. Madonna – Jump (Offer Nissim Remix)

4. Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind (Tracy Does Paris Mixshow)

5. Amuka – I Want More (Cling To Me) (Joe Bermudez & Klubjumpers Vocal Remix)

6. Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man (Tony Moran & Jody Den Broeder Anthem Mix)

7. Rihanna – SOS (Chris Cox Club Mix)

8. Natasha Bedingfield – The One That Got Away (Wamdue Get Together Extended Vocal Mix)

9. Simply Red – Perfect Love (Love To Infinity Sunset Mix)

10. Kim English – It Makes A Difference (Almighty Anthem Mix)

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