Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

BPM Edition 2009 Volume 2 (Take 1)

You may be asking yourself why I’m putting this out a little bit early.  It looks like this will be a three-part mix, so I thought getting it out now made better sense rather than being bogged down trying to get these out this weekend.

At this point, it’s not clear whether I’ll be continuing this blog or not.  I’ve had little input from you guys since the beginning of the year and only two donations.  Thankfully, everyone came through during the Christmas season which covered my costs for January and February, and for that, I thank you.

However, as is typical in my life, things have taken a turn for the worse.  Rick’s company just did some consolidating and laid-off several people.  While he hasn’t lost his job, he’s been asked to take some unpaid time off.  My work situation hasn’t improved and I finally got the Georgia Department of Labor, whom I’ve been working with, to admit that they screwed up the process to which I had been applying for several jobs at the federal level.  This means I’ve spent an entire year jumping through hoops for these douchebags for nothing.

Now, I’m back to square one as far as my employment and am actually now considering applying for some low-level positions within the Navy.  If the DOL (who I have no other choice but to work through) has finally gotten their shit together, I might very well land one of these low-paying crappy jobs.  To add insult to injury, the University of Texas wants $530 for an emergency loan that I took out in 1999 that went unpaid.

Well, that was because I withdrew immediately at the beginning of the semester and was told that the loan would be refunded in full.  Since I no longer have the paperwork, I don’t have any other choice, or they’ll hold my transcript, hostage, until I pay up.  Without that transcript, there will be any furthering of my education.  At the moment, that’s pretty much where things stand.

If it sounds like I’m in a crappy mood, I can assure you that I’m not.  This is the story of my life, so welcome to my world.  I realize that “things” happen to people on a regular basis, but as I mentioned before, every day I wake up there’s a new obstacle I have to overcome.

It doesn’t help when I have to rely on people and/or agencies that don’t know their head from their ass much less understand the position for which they are being paid to assist others.  Rest assured, I’ll keep plugging away, just like I always do.  The same can be said for the mixes, however, whether or not I continue to post them on the site is entirely up to you guys.  If you don’t care, then why should I?

I no longer have the money to spend on my Podbean account.  I think I’ve shelled out enough time, money and effort to make this site worth something to the folks that keep coming back week after week and downloading all the mixes and doing God knows what with them.  Sure I could charge $5 a mix, but to what purpose?   So that one person buys it and shares it with the rest of the world and takes credit for it?  Heck, that’s already happening even though it’s free, go figure.  Enough said.  If you want the blog to continue on, you know what to do.  If not, I’ll wrap things up by the weekend.


Keith a.k.a. K j A M

Album : BPM Edition v2
Genre : Electro, Funky, House, Progressive
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:19:23.00

Track : 1
Title : Tell U Y (Chris Lake Remix)
Artist : ATFC feat. Yasmeen

Track : 2
Title : Rhythm Is A Mystery (Reza 2009 Remix)
Artist : K-Klass

Track : 3
Title : Hangin On (DJ Umile Vocal Mix)
Artist : The House Keepers

Track : 4
Title : Let The Music Play (Chris Cox & Trent Cantrelle Remix)
Artist : Shannon

Track : 5
Title : Weekend Love (Bellatrax Club Mix)
Artist : Electric Allstars feat. Mia J

Track : 6
Title : Heard It All Before (Original Mix)
Artist : Soul Avengerz feat. Krysten Cummings

Track : 7
Title : T.O.N.Y (Mark Picchiotti Club Mix)
Artist : Solange

Track : 8
Title : Rapture (Tune Brothers Remix)
Artist : Tiger & Dragon

Track : 9
Title : I Wanna Be U (Hydrogen Rockers Vocal Mix)
Artist : Chocolate Puma

Track : 10
Title : Esperanza (Teo Moss Remix)
Artist : L B One feat. Danovan Blackwood

Track : 11
Title : Belfast Kiss (Original)
Artist : Jay Kay

Track : 12
Title : Feel The Love (Cristian Marchi Main Extended Mix)
Artist : Marchi’s Flow & Love feat. Miss Tia

Track : 13
Title : Shadows (Inpetto Club Mix)
Artist : Those Usual Suspects

Track : 14
Title : Something In Your Way (Arnold T Remix)
Artist : Kinky Roland feat. Andrea Briton

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