Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

Groove Line | Trash Disco Megamix

Groove Line - Trash DiscoPicking up where we left off yesterday, Trash Disco [Groove Line] continues the same theme with a few brand new Dr. Packer remixes thrown in.

At this point, I’ve pretty much convinced myself that Odyssey’s Native New Yorker is quite possibly my all-time favorite disco anthem. At the time, I hadn’t saved enough money from mowing lawns to buy my own record player yet and had to rely on my sister’s which for some inextricable reason was located on a top shelf in her bedroom closet, though connected.

When she wasn’t there, I’d have to grab the ladder from the garage and set it up so I could listen to this 45, which I would play over and over, while imagining myself on roller skates dancing with my favorite unknown boyfriend under the disco lights. I was a weird kid for certain but often fantasized about unrealistic things about where I saw my future life. To this day, the song still conjures up those same feelings.

Each tune in this set is massive and reached the upper echelons of the Billboard disco chart. So sit back and relax or put on your spandex and platforms and get ready to boogie!

Music plays, everyone’s dancin’ closer and closer
Makin’ friends and findin’ lovers
There you are lost in the shadows, searchin’ for someone [Searchin’ for someone]
To set you free from New York City
And, whoa, where did all those yesterdays go
When you still believed love could really be like a Broadway show
You are the star, win the applause
Oh, oh, oh [Oh, oh, oh]
You’re a native New Yorker
No one opens the door
For a native New Yorker

I’ll be back tomorrow with the final set. Until then …ENJOY!

Album : Trash Disco | Groove Line
Artists : Various
Genre : Disco
Length : 1:23:08
  1. KC & the Sunshine Band – I’m Your Boogie Man (The Crystal Ship Edit)
  2. Diana Ross – Upside Down (Almighty Anthem Mix)
  3. Patrick Juvet – I Love America (Marcelo Dub Rework)
  4. Chic – Le Freak (Digital Visions Re-Edit)
  5. Odyssey – Native New Yorker (Digital Visions Re-Edit)
  6. The Rolling Stones – Miss You (Digital Visions Re-Edit)
  7. Heatwave – Groove Line (Digital Visions Re-Edit)
  8. Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band – Cherchez La Femme (Digital Visions Re-Edit)
  9. Carol Douglas – Midnight Love Affair (Digital Visions Re-Edit)
  10. Lou Rawls – Youll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Leroy Davis Remix)
  11. First Choice – Let No Man Put Usunder (Dr. Packer Edit)
  12. Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots (Dr. Packer Edit)
  13. Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin’ (Dr. Packer Edit)
  14. Cher – Take Me Home (Ray K Edit)
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