Original Trash Disco Series

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Introducing the Original set of non-stop classic Trash Disco mixes, paving the way for expanded editions in later years of the Party Favorz catalog. These mixes cater to the casual fans, delivering the timeless essence of Disco. Get ready to groove!

Good Times - Trash Disco

Good Times | Trash Disco Megamix

Welcome to the final installment of the Trash Disco series. ‘Good Times’ had been put on hold due to the remaining songs not being cohesive enough to stitch together. With some recent releases I picked up at JunoDownload, I was able to put the last nail in the genre-defying category that is DISCO. By no means …Read More, Stream and Download

Shake Your Groove Thing - Trash Disco

Shake Your Groove Thing | Trash Disco Megamix

Shake Your Groove Thing will be the last for awhile in the Trash Disco Series. There are other things I’d like to put out in the BackSpin category so I’ll be setting these on the back-burner for the moment. But hey, you’ve got a total of seven, yes seven in this group should you want …Read More, Stream and Download

Groove Line | Trash Disco Megamix

Picking up where we left off yesterday, Trash Disco [Groove Line] continues the same theme with a few brand new Dr. Packer remixes thrown in. At this point, I’ve pretty much convinced myself that Odyssey’s Native New Yorker is quite possibly my all-time favorite disco anthem. At the time, I hadn’t saved enough money from …Read More, Stream and Download

Everybody Dance - Trash Disco

Everybody Dance | Trash Disco Megamix

It’s Trash Disco week here at Party Favorz! I hooked up with one of the best disco-edit queens on the internet DJ FreddyG a.k.a. Digital Visions whose 70’s and 80’s recreations are simply outstanding!! You’re gonna see a lot of his work in the next three sets, which mixes in various bootlegs from Soundcloud and …Read More, Stream and Download