Original Trash Disco Series

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Introducing the Original set of non-stop classic Trash Disco mixes, paving the way for expanded editions in later years of the Party Favorz catalog. These mixes cater to the casual fans, delivering the timeless essence of Disco. Get ready to groove!

Disco Hits Remixed & Re-imagined Volume 2 | Trash Disco Megamix

After dicking-around with my logo all morning, I’m finally getting around to posting the second installment of Trash Disco Personally, I’m shocked at the overwhelmingly positive response the first set received. I really wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction. I am pleased to tell you, this set was actually supposed to be part 1 but …Read More, Stream and Download

Disco Hits Remixed & Re-imagined Volume 1 | Trash Disco Megamix

Happy Saturday everybody! Well, well, well…I bet nobody saw this one coming. I’ve had a massive disco hard-on for some time now that’s left me with shiny disco blue balls and I just needed to get some relief. Over the years, I’ve snuck in these little disco re-make gems into my house sets and decided …Read More, Stream and Download