Trash Disco | Everybody Dance


It's Trash Disco week here at Party Favorz! I hooked up with one of the best disco-edit queens on the internet DJ FreddyG a.k.a. Digital Visions whose 70's and 80's recreations are simply outstanding!!

You're gonna see a lot of his work in the next three sets, which mixes in various bootlegs from Soundcloud and some new stuff from Dr. Packer that I picked up at Juno Downloads.

Right now, it's all about rump-shaking bootylicious classics that have been perfectly updated for your disco indulgence.


Album : Trash Disco | Everybody Dance
Artists : Various
Genre : Disco
Length : 1:11:42
  1. Chic - Everybody Dance (Joey Negro Edit)

  2. B.B.& Q.Band - On The Beat (Digital Visions Re-Edit)

  3. Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake The Feeling (DJ ''S'' Remix)

  4. Stargard - Which Way Is Up (DJ Vas Rework)

  5. Rose Royce - Car Wash (Digital Visions Re-Edit)

  6. Lipps Inc - Funkytown (Digital Visions 2015 Re-Edit)

  7. Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe (V Edit)

  8. George McCrae - Rock Your Baby Remix 2014 (Unknown)

  9. MFSB - T.S.O.P. (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (Rafael Cancian Rework)

  10. France Joli - Gonna Get Over You (Digital Visions Re-Edit)

  11. Chas Jankel - Glad To Know You (Digital Visions Re-Edit)

  12. Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - The Hustle (Mister Dee Rework)

  13. Andrea True Connection - More, More, More (Digital Visions Re-Edit)

  14. The Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat (Digital Visions 2015 Re-Edit)

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