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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

7th Heaven: An Unstoppable Force Behind Iconic Gay Anthems [A Tribute Mix]

In the realm of remixing and production, few names command the dance floor like 7th Heaven Remix and Productions. If you were grooving to any club anthems, especially gay anthems around 2013, you’d likely have come across their work. Known for their extraordinary skill in modernizing Hi-NRG tunes, 7th Heaven has etched their signature into the heartbeats of dance floors worldwide. Their influence transcends stereotypes and caters to an audience that’s as diverse as the LGBTQ+ community itself.

Let’s delve a bit into 7th Heaven’s history, shall we? Originally from the UK, 7th Heaven has been a trendsetter in the remix and production circuit. They have a knack for taking already catchy tunes and elevating them to new heights—making them not just danceable but downright irresistible.

Consider Scarlette Fever’s “Cheating Man.” In the hands of 7th Heaven, what was already a stirring track gets a pulsating beat and anthemic feel that makes it a staple in any self-respecting DJ’s playlist. Then there’s the brilliant rework of “Hey (Nah Nah Nah)” by Milk & Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios. It takes an ear for genius to turn this song into a dance floor magnet, and 7th Heaven nails it.

A big shout-out should go to their remix of “Let The Sunshine In” by the 49ers featuring Ann-Marie Smith. The original was good, but 7th Heaven transformed it into a dazzling, uplifting anthem that feels like the musical equivalent of a Pride flag unfurling. Speaking of classics, who could forget their 2007 version of Eartha Kitt’s “Where Is My Man“? That remix was nothing short of a masterclass in how to rejuvenate a classic without losing its original charm.

The list doesn’t end there. Their work on “A Higher Place” by Peyton is another glowing example of how well 7th Heaven understands the ebb and flow of a dance track, filling it with soaring synths that perfectly complement Peyton’s vocals. And let’s not overlook their take on Rozalla’s “Everybody’s Free” under the project name Kortezman. The remix balances nostalgia and modernity in a way that only 7th Heaven can.

Now, given the depth and breadth of their portfolio, what you’re reading here is but a condensed tribute to 7th Heaven’s expansive impact. Rest assured, a more exhaustive tribute to this iconic production company is in the pipeline because they deserve nothing less. Their contributions to the dance music scene, particularly gay anthems, deserve more than just a nod; they warrant a full-blown celebration.

As we relish these timeless remixes, let’s do it with the understanding that 7th Heaven is not just a part of the playlist but a defining element of a culture that allows us all to be a little more free, a little more expressive, and a lot more united on the dance floor.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : Heavenly Anthems | 7th Heaven Tribute
Genre : NRG, Disco, House
Year : 2013
Total Time : 2:00:10

1. DJ Stonedog feat. Thara Banda – Big Gay Anthem (StarLab Club Mix)

2. Scarlette Fever – Cheating Man (7H Club Mix)

3. Milk & Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios – Hey (Nah Nah Nah) (7H Club Mix)

4. 49ers feat. Ann – Marie Smith – Let The Sunshine In (7th Heaven’s Back In The Day Mixshow)

5. De’lacy – Hideaway (7H Club Mix)

6. Degrees Of Motion – Shine On (7H Club Mix)

7. Eartha Kitt – Where Is My Man 2007 (7H Remix)

8. Hi On Life feat. Joniece – Goodbye (7H Mirrorball Mix)

9. Sunkids feat. Chance – Rise Up (7H Remix)

10. Peyton – A Higher Place (7H Remix)

11. Lonnie Gordon – Catch You Baby (7H Mix)

12. Booty Luv – Some Kinda Rush (7H Remix)

13. Deni Hines & The A-Funk Allstars – Finger On The Trigger (7H Club Mix)

14. A.S.H.A. – Ball And Chain (J.J. Tribute) (7H Mix)

15. Bliss Inc. feat. Carlotta Chadwick – Faith (7H Remix)

16. Viola Wills – Enjoy Yourself (7H Remix)

17. Love Assassins – Teardrops (7H Vocal Remix)

18. Kortezman feat. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (7H Mix)

19. Alan Connor – Let Your Love Flow (7H Mix)

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