Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Beach House 2010 Volume 1

It’s been a long and stressful three months since your last vacation and all you want to do is leave town and head to your favorite beach resort.  You’re thinking one week of sun, fun, beaches, cocktails and maybe even get yourself a nice little cabana boy for some late night action.  You arrive at your destination and the first thing you want to do is check-in to your hotel, throw your suitcases on the bed and grab your bikini, slip it on and then head out to the beach for some personal chill time.

As you lay there on the beach, the beautiful blue ocean suddenly turns black and something large is heading towards shore.  You can’t quite tell what it is, but it’s BIG.  You stand up to get a better look and in two minutes, a large oil covered whale beaches itself, only to die within the hour right at your feet.

Okay, maybe the beach thing was not the best idea.  So you head back to the hotel and decide the swimming pool will suffice.  You lay down on the deck, order a Pina Colada from the super hot Latin server (probably about 21 years old) and think to yourself, I ’ll have that for dessert later this evening.  You slip on your earbuds and scroll down to Party Favorz Beach House Edition v1 and press play.  As you begin to take in the rays and listen to the smooth Miami house music, you quickly fall asleep.  One hour later, you wake up only to find you’ve been asleep way too long.

In all the commotion from the beach incident, you forgot to put on sunscreen and your body has now been ravaged with excruciating red-hot pain.  You now spend the rest of the week covered in cream to soothe the blistering swells that have engulfed your body.  That hot waiter; well, he had to be put on a warmer plate until the next vacation.

You begin to realize that you’ve lost an entire week of much-needed R&R due to the oil spill.  Yup, it’s all BP’s fault.  As soon as you get home, you’re on the phone with a lawyer and claiming your share of the 2 billion dollars that was set aside for instances such as this.  Now you have to wait until Christmas before you can head back to another sunny destination and grab the much-needed downtime you were denied this summer.  As a result of your mental anguish, you’ve lost work productivity and dammit, you deserve some compensation!

Let this be a lesson, folks.  Go to the Bahamas instead.


Album : Beach House Edition v1
Genre : House, Funky, Soulful
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:19:02:00

Track : 1
Title : Let The Music Guide You (Original Vocal Mix)
Artist : Mark Picchiotti feat. Alec Sun Drae

Track : 2
Title : Home (Original Mix)
Artist : Michael Gray, Paul Harris & Kid Massive feat. Sam Obernik

Track : 3
Title : Lost In The Music (Original Mix)
Artist : Justin Michael & Dave Mayer feat. Maiya

Track : 4
Title : Movin’ Up (Jonny Montana Remix)
Artist : DJ Mike Cruz pres. Inaya Day & Chyna Ro

Track : 5
Title : Forever Together (Grant Nelson Remix)
Artist : Raven Maize

Track : 6
Title : Number One (Hernandez vs. DJ Tyo)
Artist : Donati & Amato

Track : 7
Title : Wave Of Love (Original Mix)
Artist : D-Reflection feat Christa

Track : 8
Title : Mysterious (Knee Deep Club Mix)
Artist : Knee Deep feat. Shena

Track : 9
Title : Fly Me Higher (Earnshaw Jones 80s Remode)
Artist : Tony Vass

Track : 10
Title : Deny You (Bogle Extended Vocal Mix)
Artist : Cynthia Miller

Track : 11
Title : I Feel Like (Extended Version)
Artist : Kaskade

Track : 12
Title : Breaking Down (Original Mix)
Artist : Louis Bailar & DJ Mano feat. Daphne Denters

Track : 13
Title : Loveshine (Original Mix)
Artist : Dana Bergquist & Peder G

Track : 14
Title : Someone Like You (Chuck Love Network Rework)
Artist : Bravo Mike feat. Monica Lynk

Track : 15
Title : In Love (DJ Katta Club Mix)
Artist : The Cube Guys feat. Lisa Pure

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