Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Deep Edition 2008 Volume 10 [Take 3]

As promised, I’ve got the third installment of this series for you guys (and gals).  Unlike its predecessors, this mix is darker and moodier and less commercial.  That is until you get to the last song, Morgan Page’s latest offering which is more mainstream prog.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the final installment and then I can move on to the next House Edition which will be a definite change of mood.

I see that our subscriptions have gone up considerably ever since I joined the Widgetbox LGBT community.  I want to welcome all of the newbies.  Just so you know, the Deep series is not for everyone (particularly in the U.S.).  Stick around because there’s always something for everyone.

I hope everyone has a great work week…Enjoy!

Album : Deep Edition 2008 v10
Disc : 3/4
Genre : Deep, Progressive, Tech, House
Total Time : 1:36:33:00

Track : 1
Title : Hello Piano (Sebastien Leger Remix)
Artist : Inkfish & David West

Track : 2
Title : You Lose (Original Mix)
Artist : Milton Channels

Track : 3
Title : Praise To The JBs (Original Mix)
Artist : ATFC

Track : 4
Title : Gypsy (Laidback Luke Gypsy Woman Remix)
Artist : Steve Angello

Track : 5
Title : Reach Out For Love (A.T.F.C. Remix)
Artist : Marc Evans

Track : 6
Title : Right On Time (Original Mix)
Artist : Spencer & Hill

Track : 7
Title : Flyertalk (Original Mix)
Artist : Christian Smith

Track : 8
Title : At Night (Chab Deep Mix)
Artist : Shakedown

Track : 9
Title : Diva (Original Mix)
Artist : Sebo K

Track : 10
Title : Moments (Original Mix)
Artist : Audible

Track : 11
Title : Stop Playing With My Mind (Club Mix)
Artist : Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox

Track : 12
Title : Change You (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
Artist : Motorcitysoul feat. Ovasoul 7

Track : 13
Title : Bounce (Original Mix)
Artist : Delicious & Abigail Bailey

Track : 14
Title : Go That Deep (Redanka’s 93 Vocal Mix)
Artist : Nufrequency feat. Shara Nelson

Track : 15
Title : Call My Name (TV Rock Remix)
Artist : Morgan Page

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