Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Deep Edition 2008 Volume 3 [Pt. 1 & 2]

Atmospheric, deep, dark, and moody would be the best way to describe this mix.  Granted, the title alone suggests that.  However, this time around I dug a little deeper and have made a firm transition into how the Deep Edition should sound.

After having just finished up last week’s Progressive Edition, I made the decision that much of the slower-tempo progressive music overlaps with a lot of the deep house tunes.  To me, progressive should be more about the uptempo harder sounds of electronica, which could include tribal or even hard dance.  It’s the slower songs that easily fit in with the deep tunes and add an overall different perspective.

For instance, while this mix is predominantly deep house, I managed to work in some progressive, tech-house, and minimal tunes.  Other times, I find myself mixing in some Acid-House and low-key funk or just straight-up soulful.  Going forward, I think all those elements will constitute my deep mixes in the future.  I’ll leave the heavier stuff for the prog mixes.

I also want to let everyone know that I’ll be adding another category in the near future.  I think a “House Edition” would be in order.  You know, all the stuff that doesn’t make the deep, electro, funky, or prog mixes, will now have its own classification.  By doing that, I’ll be better able to swap mixes out each month so as not to become stagnant and much less boring.  I’ll try it out and see how it works.  Remember, I just started this site in November of last year, and it’s still a work in progress.

As you can see, I’ve given the blog a whole new look and feel.  I got to thinking about when I was a kid and my mom worked at the Port of Brownsville.  She used to take me with her and I’d explore and play in the shipyards; that is until I broke my arm (what would be the first of many bodily accidents throughout my youth).  I remembered all the rusted anchors and steel beams laying around.

So I decided to go for something industrial and think I’ve achieved that.  It took several layers of pics to put this together in Photoshop.  The preliminary feedback I’ve received has been positive.  I was trying to make everything easier to read and navigate.

Also, please note that both download links will now be included at the top of the track listing.  I think there are still many people not realizing that most of the mixes include two volumes and are not scrolling down to get the second.  I also finally managed to fix the feed in my “Party Favorz” widget.  Now, each post will display the cover art in the widget.  So feel free to grab it and stick it on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress, or where ever you feel you need a party favor.  Just click on the bottom tab “get widget” and it will pretty much do it for you.

Looking at my numbers in the traffic/downloads and seeing how they are progressively increasing on this site, I have a pretty good idea as to what people are digging.  Clearly, the winners are the circuit and funky editions.

So just to let everyone know, my Spring Edition will be out in a couple of weeks, just in time for uh…well, spring.  I’ve already started work on the next installment of the Classix Edition, which I’m totally stoked about.  For now, just sit back and enjoy the sounds of the underground.

Have a great weekend!

Due to the original structure of this post, the two separate sets have now been combined into one and remastered based on the techniques used in current podcasts.

Album : Deep Edition 2008 v3 | Pt. 1 & 2
Genre : Underground House
Total Time : 2:37:50:00

Track : 1
Title : Wicked World (Belocca & Soneec Remix)
Artist : Roog & Greg feat. Anita Kelsey

Track : 2
Title : Can’t Help (Main Mix)
Artist : Kemal feat. Leslie Carter

Track : 3
Title : New Way (The Mulder’s Light’s On Dub)
Artist : From P60

Track : 4
Title : Dangly Panther (Original Mix)
Artist : Jimpster

Track : 5
Title : Love On A Real Train (William’s Odyssey Mix)
Artist : Williams

Track : 6
Title : Heaven (Weiser Mix)
Artist : Spiritchaser

Track : 7
Title : Chatterbox (Original Mix)
Artist : Terry Lee Brown Junior

Track : 8
Title : Hold Me (By Myself Mix)
Artist : Low Top

Track : 9
Title : Bergluft (Modunique Remix)
Artist : Kellerkind

Track : 10
Title : Vintage Circuits (Spiced Edit)
Artist : The Timewriter

Track : 11
Title : Nuisance (Main Mix)
Artist : Dubble D

Track : 12
Title : Love Addiction (Original Mix)
Artist : Bioground feat. Alexandra Hamnede

Track : 13
Title : Long Time (Sonique Des Fleurs Mix)
Artist : Rod Carrillo feat. Ronnie Sumrall

Track : 14
Title : Ambiance (Astraglide’s Remix)
Artist : Yann Solo & Karl Jefferson

Track : 15
Title : Mango (Original Mix)
Artist : Sascha Funke

Track : 16
Title : Anisoptera (Original Mix)
Artist : Luxer Deluxe

Track : 17
Title : Starview (Original)
Artist : Boris Bunnik

Track : 18
Title : Believe (Original Mix)
Artist : Paronator

Track : 19
Title : Shadows (Original Mix)
Artist : Roman Rai

Track : 20
Title : Passion & Glory (Original Mix)
Artist : Jay Lumen

Track : 21
Title : Emotional Distortion (Original Mix)
Artist : Hernan Cerbello

Track : 22
Title : The Tie That Binds (Original Dub)
Artist : Terry Grant feat. Katherine Hines

Track : 23
Title : Boxed Rivers (Original Mix)
Artist : Manuel Tur

Track : 24
Title : I’m In Love (Rasmus Faber Epic Instrumental)
Artist : Studio Apartment feat. Ron Carroll

Track : 25
Title : Inventiveness Vibration (Michael & Levan Remix)
Artist : Cassino & Laben

Track : 26
Title : Pillow Talk (Asad Rizvi Remix)
Artist : Spencer Gray feat. Heather Johnson & Robert Owens

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