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Destiny's Child | The Diva Series

If you've been paying attention, you would have realized that Destiny's Child would be the next inductees into the Diva Hall of Fame. DC was originally an all-female quartet called Girl's Tyme, which formed in 1990. With minor success, they eventually signed to Columbia and became known as Destiny's Child. Managed by Mathew Knowles (father to Beyoncé), much tension was generated within the group due to the emphasis on his daughter and another member Kelly Rowland making for a revolving door that eventually whittled down to a trio and the most successful lineup of Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.

The group garnered a top 10 hit after a remix of their first single "No, No, No" by Wyclef Jean which put them on the map. The release of their second album "The Writings on the Wall" generated the number one singles "Bills, Bills, Bills" and "Say My Name" firmly solidifying their move from minor players to superstardom.

Since Beyoncé has already been inducted multiple times into the Diva Hall of Fame, it's only fitting to acknowledge that from where she first achieved success. Destiny's Child has sold over 60 million albums worldwide and is ranked as one of the most successful trios of all-time. Billboard also has them ranked as 90th most successful dance club artists of all-time; all the more reason for their induction.

This tribute set focuses on heavier club anthems we all know and love while a second set will feature the housed-up versions of their popular hits. Without further ado, please give a rousing applause for the long overdue induction of Destiny's Child into the Diva Hall of Fame.

 Album: Destiny's Child – The Diva Series
 Genre: Club, Dance, Circuit
 Year: 2018
 Total Time: 01:22:24
  1. Lose My Breath (HQ² Dream Mix)

  2. Emotion (Victor Calderone A.M. Mix)

  3. Survivor (Victor Calderone Club Mix)

  4. Stand Up For Love (Junior Roxy Anthem)

  5. Girl (Junior Vasquez Club Dub)

  6. Jumpin' Jumpin' (Digital Black N Groove Club Mix)

  7. Say My Name (Digital Black & Groove Club Mix)

  8. Lose My Breath (Peter Rauhofer's Breathless Club Mix)

  9. Bootylicious (Richard Vission's V-Quest)

  10. Cater 2 U (Chad Jack´s Club Mix)

  11. Bills, Bills, Bills (Digital Black-N-Groove Club Mix)

  12. Independent Women Part I (Victor Calderone Club Mix)

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