Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Drop It Like It’s Hot | Volume 1

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Alright, let’s get straight into it. You’re here because you know a thing or two about quality dance music, and you’re looking for tracks that don’t just make you move, but make you feel something too. Welcome to “Drop It Like It’s Hot Volume 1,” where we delve into songs and remixes that stand out from the crowd.

You might remember Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” as a pop anthem that took over the radio waves. The Almighty Mixshow remix, however, takes that familiar tune and flips it into something you can’t help but dance to. The remix is a masterful display of how to elevate a track without erasing its roots.

And speaking of expert remixing, let’s talk about “Feel The Power Of Bass” by Rudedog. When Cahill got their hands on this track, they cranked up the intensity with their Extended Club Mix. It’s not just about the bass here; it’s about turning an already-catchy tune into an electrifying dance experience.

Now, what about something that’s not just designed for the club but can cross over into different genres? Enter Wynter Gordon’s “Til Death,” masterfully transformed by the WaWa mix. This remix plays with electronic textures, giving the song a blend of dance and electro-pop that’s hard to ignore. It’s compelling without trying too hard.

Moby’s “The Day” remixed by Basto is another track that breaks from the norm. The remix elevates the emotional depth of the original, wrapping it in lush synth layers that feel both new and comfortably familiar.

A surprise entry on this list is Cee Lo Green’s “Bright Lights Bigger City,” flipped into a dance masterpiece by The Shapeshifters. You wouldn’t think Cee Lo’s soulful vibes could transition into a club tune, but The Shapeshifters pull it off with flair. It’s an example of how dance music can be both expansive and eclectic.

Last but certainly not least, we need to mention “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Therese, remixed by Alesso. In a world filled with remixes, Alesso’s take on this track is a standout. It’s not just a backdrop for the dance floor; it’s a centrepiece, holding its own with rhythmic complexity that makes you want to move but also think a little.

And that’s what “Drop It Like It’s Hot Volume 1” is all about. These tracks aren’t just dance music; they’re inventive takes on songs you might have thought you knew. Give them a listen and elevate your dance music experience.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : Drop It Like It’s Hot v1
Genre : EDM, Electro House, Progressive House
Year : 2011
Total Time : 01:19:30

1. Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (Almighty Mixshow)

2. Rudedog – Feel The Power Of Bass (Cahill Extended Club Mix)

3. Wynter Gordon – Til Death (WaWa Extended Mix)

4. Kerli – Army Of Love (WaWa Club Mix)

5. Milk & Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios – Hey (Nah Nah Nah) (7th Heaven Club Mix)

6. London Kids – Sing Our Own Song (Vito Benito Nasri Dub Club Mix)

7. Cee Lo Green – Bright Lights Bigger City (The Shapeshifters Club Mix)

8. Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) (Original Mix)

9. Nightstylers vs. The Blue Van Run – To The Sun (Beach Party Mix)

10. Hybrid – Original Sin (Myon & Shane 54 Club Redemption Mix

11. Avicii – Malo (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)

12. Therese – Drop It Like It’s Hot (Alesso Mix)

13. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke 2011 (Loverush UK! Mix)

14. Moby – The Day (Basto Extended Remix)

15. Fedde Le Grand & Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Mitch Crown – Running (Original Mix)

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