Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Fall Edition 2K15 pt. 2 | The Biggest Circuit Beats for Fall 2015

After staying up until 3 AM studying last night, I finally managed to roll my happy-ass out of bed where I promptly inserted a catheter in my arm and began my morning coffee infusion.  Now that I’m feeling slightly human, I thought I’d go ahead and get part 2 of the 2015 Fall Edition posted.

I’ve been monitoring the Top Posts on the site every day and I see some folks have been slamming my circuit sets pretty hard.  In particular, this year’s Spring Edition has been consistently sitting at or near the top of the list.  I’m not so sure what’s so special about that set (though they are all special to me) but hey, knock your socks off.

I also dug into Google Analytics to get more insight about my traffic (which has jumped up pretty significantly in the last couple of months) and saw that our good friends in Russia are back at it again.  You know the folks that create these bullshit websites full of T&A ads for porn that surround links to illegal downloads.  Apparently, they think Party Favorz is some sort of professional paid service so they download my shit and then re-post the mixes to some unsuspecting tool who doesn’t know they can come here without the pop-ups, spam, adware, and viruses infecting your computer, but I’ll digress.

I had mentioned last week that I had enough solid tunes for about three or four sets but was only going to create two.  However, when I went back and re-visited a lot of the songs that had been axed from the sets, I realized what a monumental mistake that would be.  So, I scrapped the entire part 2 set and started over incorporating many of the songs that would not have been included otherwise.  With the number of hours I’ve been putting in at work, I would sneak some mixing in the morning, some later at night, here, there and during any downtime, I had to get this puppy pushed out.  I’m glad I did because this thing is SLAMMING!  If you liked the first set, TRUST when I say you’re gonna love this one!

Believe it or not, I’ve already got two new funky-house sets completed and stamped with my approval, and ready to go.  In fact, I got those done a few weeks ago but got side-tracked with the Fall Edition.  I’ll start rolling those out next week, so it will probably be a few weeks before I bring in the latest EDM sets.

As hard is it is to hold back, I’ve made the decision to just drop one set a week to kind of give ya’ll (and myself) some breathing room as opposed to dumping two or three sets a week.  Realistically, that’s just not going to happen anymore.  I’m putting in about 60 hours a week at work and the fact I still manage to find the time to indulge myself on this site is pretty remarkable.

I also want to give a HUGE thanks to those of you who pro-actively sent a little cash my way, it’s always appreciated!

It’s been pretty soggy here for the last couple of weeks with no signs of letting up.  I hope it’s better wherever you’re at.  Have a great weekend and as always …ENJOY!

Album: Fall Edition 2K15 pt. 2
Genre: Circuit, Progressive, Tribal, House
Year: 2015
Total Time:  02:07:12
  1. Club 69 feat. Lula – Men Are Drugs (Roger Grey & Braulio V Remix 2015)
  2. Fifth Harmony – Worth It (Ranny’s Peak Hour Mix)
  3. Punch !nc – Heaven (Beautiful L!fe) (Mike Cruz Tribal Remix)
  4. Yinon Yahel – Sweat (Rosabel Club Mix)
  5. Ralphi Rosario feat. Julissa Veloz – La Jungla (Angel Moraes vs. Ralphi Rosario Dub)
  6. Deborah Cox- Things Just Ain’t The Same (James Anthony’s Big Room Mix)
  7. Kelis – Milkshake (Belladonna Remix)
  8. Carly Rae Jepsen – Run Away With Me (Danny Verde Remix)
  9. The Cube Guys feat. Ben Onono – Work It To The Bone (Daniel Castillo Remix)
  10. Selena Gomez – Good For You (Felipe Angel After Hours Mix)
  11. Mary J. Blige – Be Without You (Guy Scheiman Remix)
  12. Ultra Nate – Unconditional (Frank Lamboy Late Mix)
  13. Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer (Ennzo Dias & Tommy Love Remix)
  14. Breanna Rubio – More Than A Feeling (Razor N Guido Vocal Club Remix)
  15. Madonna – S.E.X. (Cajjmere Wray Remix)
  16. Altar & Jeanie Tracy – Andale (Original Mix)
  17. Olivia Somerlyn – OXO (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Main Remix)
  18. Audien feat. Lady Antebellum – Something Better (Alyson Calagna Vocal Club Remix)
  19. Calvin Harris + Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love (Barry Harris Remix)
  20. Fantine feat. Wyclef Jean & El Cata – What A Day (Twisted Dee Club Mix)
  21. David Morales feat. Janice Robinson – There Must Be Love (Ralphie Rosario Club Mix)
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