Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

George Michael: A Dance Mix Tribute Volume 1

From teen idol to international superstar to a figure of resilience, George Michael’s multifaceted journey has left an indelible impact on the music world. Not just a pop icon, he became an influential voice in the LGBTQ+ community following his arrest for solicitation, which effectively outed him as a gay man. Far from shying away, George Michael embraced this chapter of his life, using his platform to advocate for acceptance and equality.

While his personal life may have seen its share of controversies and struggles, his musical prowess remains unquestionable. Whether it’s the Wham! classic “Everything She Wants,” remixed brilliantly here by Todd Terry, or his solo work in albums like the groundbreaking “Faith,” George Michael’s artistry transcends genre and era.

Take a moment to revisit his album “Listen Without Prejudice,” often cited as one of the most underrated gems of the ’90s according to music critics. The lyrical depth and vocal execution in this album are proof of Michael’s unparallelled talent. His words reveal a vulnerability that resonated deeply with his audience.

The rich declare themselves poorAnd most of us are not sureIf we have too much but we’ll take our chances‘Cause God’s stopped keeping scoreI guess somewhere along the wayHe must have let us all out to playTurned His back and all God’s childrenCrept out the back door
And it’s hard to loveThere’s so much to hateHanging on to hopeWhen there is no hope to speak ofAnd the wounded skies aboveSay it’s much, too much, too lateWell, maybe we should all be praying for time

Now, let’s delve into the dance tribute mix honoring George Michael’s dance floor repertoire. “Star People ’97 (Forthright Club Mix)” serves as a potent opener, setting the mood with its vibrant beats and rhythmic complexity. Then there’s the Sharp Boys remix of “Flawless” which was also a #1 club hit by The Ones and samples the disco classic “Keep On Dancing” by Gary’s Gang and another disco classic “Romero and Juliet” by Alec R. Costandinos adds a layer of effervescence to the already buoyant original.

“I Want Your Sex 2010” follows suit, revamping a classic George Michael tune with a contemporary touch from the Freemasons, widely praised for their mixing skills. The addition of “Amazing” adds a groovy, upbeat House vibe to the tribute mix, thanks to Full Intention’s masterful remixing.

One cannot talk about George Michael’s dance music without mentioning “Outside.” Not just a club hit, this song became a statement piece after his arrest, turned into a celebration of freedom and self-acceptance. Hex Hector’s remix elevates it even further, adding a sense of liberation to a classic Disco House beat with masterful sound layering.

Lastly, the “Fast Love 2002 (Illicit Remix)” which samples the 80s Disco classic “Forget Me Nots” by Patrice Rushen comes on like a nostalgia trip, revamped for the new millennium but still holding its ’90s essence at the core, much like George Michael himself.

Though controversies and legal battles have sometimes clouded George Michael’s legacy, his significance as a trailblazer in pop music and as an openly gay icon cannot be overstated. Personal tribulations aside, his dramatic life only adds layers to what makes him an everlasting DIVA in the realm of music and culture.

George Michael, you’ve forever left your mark on music and society. Your induction into our Legacy Dance Tribute series is both an honor and a testament to your everlasting influence.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : George Michael | The Diva Series
Genre : House
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:25:21.00

1. As (Jonathan Peters Club Mix)

2. Star People ’97 (Forthright Club Mix)

3. Flawless (The Sharp Boys Hot Fridge Vocal Mix)

4. I Want Your Sex 2010 (Freemasons Club Mix)

5. Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone (12” House Mix)

6. Amazing (Full Intention Club Mix)

7. This Is Not Real Love (Moto Blanco Mix)

8. Freeek! (The Scumfrog Mix)

9. Shoot The Dog (Moogeymen Mix)

10. Outside (Hex Hector 12” Vox Up Mix)

11. Fast Love 2002 (Illicit Remix)

12. Everything She Wants (Todd Terry Mix)

13. Spinning The Wheel (Forthright Club Mix)

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