Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Donna Summer | The Ultimate Diva Series

Much ink has been spilled over the Queen of Disco that it doesn’t bear repeating. Donna Summer is an icon who laid down the path for future artists like Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and many others to use their sexuality and create their own brands on their own terms. Regardless of the much-hyped manipulations behind the scenes, she was a willing participant and took full advantage of her success up until the point she wrestled herself away from Neil Bogart’s Casablanca records leaving a legacy that up until that point — no other female artist had achieved.

Today, Donna Summer has a legion of fans both young and old, and serves as an inspiration to many would-be female artists who whether they realize it or not — are deeply indebted to her trailblazing career.

The Queen of Disco is no stranger to Party Favorz, who ranks her at the top of our leading ladies along with Diana Ross and Cher. This tribute set focuses on her work in the 90s through the early millennium and takes a deep dive into updated versions of her back catalog. If any of these tracks are unfamiliar to you or your era was the 70’s — look no further than the Casablanca Years set I put out in 2015. There you will find all of her radio and club hits in probably one of the best tribute sets ever laid down honoring the Queen.

When the word “Ultimate” is dropped into the title of one of these series — it’s because it’s comprehensive and really long. Leaving no stone unturned, I poured through countless bootlegs and official remixes to put this thing together. Many of the songs on here may be new to even her most ardent supporters.

This past couple of Diva Series I’ve put out has been a bitch to mix and this one was no exception. There’s a vast array of styles here from modern-day electro-pop to circuit tribal house and straight-up funky house. Yet, it all feels cohesive and frankly — just works.

Without further ado, ladies and queers, I present to you…Miss Donna Summer! ENJOY!

Album : Donna Summer | The Ultimate Diva Series
Genre : Circuit, Funky House
Year : 2020
Total Time : 03:27:33

1. Hot Stuff (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper As Director’s Cut Signature Mix)

2. Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix)

3. Love Is In Control (Chromeo & Oliver Club Mix)

4. I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiró) (Rosabel Main Vox 12″)

5. The Power Of One (Jonathan Peters Ultimix)

6. Stamp Your Feet (DJ Escape & Collucio Club Mix)

7. On The Radio (Thee Werq’n B!tches TGIF Mix)

8. I Got Your Love (Eddie Baez Vocal Anthem Mix)

9. MacArthur Park Suite (DJ Meme Remix of Epic Proportions)

10. I’m A Fire (Ranny Extended Remix)

11. This Time I Know It’s For Real (DJ Amanda Moto Blanco Mashup)

12. Love To Love You Baby (DJ HiTretz Classic Mix)

13. I Remember Yesterday (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

14. State Of Independence (Murk Club Mix)

15. Love On & On (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle 12″ Mix)

16. Enough is Enough 2017 (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) [with Barbra Streisand]

17. Fame (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix)

18. Valley Of The Moon (Tony Moran Club Mix)

19. Spring Affair (Klyk’s Tribal Mix 2009)

20. You’re So Beautiful (Tony Moran Ultimate Club Mix)

21. Dream-A-Lot’s Theme (I Will Live For (12″ Extended Remix)

22. Whenever There Is Love (Junior Vasquez Remix)

23. I Feel Love (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix)

24. Hot Stuff (Dave Aude Club Mix)

25. Dim All The Lights (Duke Dumont Remix)

26. She Works Hard For The Money (Division 4 Club Mix)

27. Carry On (Outta Control Extended) [with Giorgio Moroder]

28. Walk Away (Steppin’ Out White Label Mix)

29. That’s The Way (Almighty Uptown Club Mix)

30. Love is The Healer (Eric Kupper’s ‘I Feel Healed’ 12″ Mix)

31. Melody Of Love (Classic Club Mix)

32. Someday (Chris Cox & DJ Irene Swingin’ In The Summer Club Mix)

33. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Clivillés & Cole 12″ Mix)

34. Last Dance (DJ John Culture Remix)

35. This Is My Life (Encore Version)

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