Grace Jones The Diva Series

Grace Jones | The Diva Series

Grace Jones The Diva Series

Grace Jones Diva Series was originally posted on October 20, 2010.

Before Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Madonna and the countless other divas in between, there is the one true diva. A DIVA like no other. A DIVA with a vast portfolio that even a modem day liberal would blush at it’s frank and honest portrayals of sex and art.

Often imitated but never duplicated; a woman who had no boundaries in her public nor personal life; a woman who would kick your ass if you looked at her the wrong way; a woman with style and … you guessed it, GRACE.

Yes folks, I am talking about the one true DIVA …Miss Grace Jones.

Sadly, the original post of Grace’s induction has been long-lost as has the original hi-res artwork above. I was fortunate to be able to pull the original image out of my Windows cache, but as you can see it has been reduced significantly from its original size.

If it wasn’t for Grace’s awe-inspiring work and image that influenced so many artists today, I wouldn’t bother re-posting this lost piece. Her contributions to the arts are so fucking immense and her legacy should NEVER be forgotten.

Ladies and gentlemen, please bow for the ONE AND ONLY, GRACE JONES.

Album : Grace Jones | The Diva Series
Genre : Disco, House, Progressive
Year : 2010
Total Time : 01:28:37
  1. Love On Top Of Love (The Funky Dred Club Mix)

  2. I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (Nile Rodgers Perfectly Remix)

  3. Slave To The Rhythm (Illicit Club Mix)

  4. Love You To Life (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Club Mix)

  5. Warm Leatherette (Club 69 & Danny Tenaglia Remix)

  6. Sex Drive (Sex Pitch Mix)

  7. Amado Mio (The 28th Street Crew Club Mix)

  8. I Need A Man (Tom Moulton Disco Mix)

  9. Do Or Die (Tom Moulton Extended Mix)

  10. La Vie En Rose (Extended Version)

  11. My Jamaican Guy (12” Version)

  12. Nipple To The Bottle (12” Version)

  13. Pull Up To The Bumper (12” Mix)

  14. Williams Blood (The Trixters Mix)

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