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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Halsey | The Diva Series

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane known professionally as Halsey is an American singer, songwriter, and activist. In just 5 years — Halsey has managed to achieve what many bedroom singer-songwriters could only dream of. She’s truly a product of the social media generation (YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud) that was an organic success at a time when labels were scouring for new untapped talent on these platforms.

Much of Halsey’s music pulls from personal relationships and the lives of other women. Halsey is biracial, bipolar, and bisexual all of which likely contribute to her masterful songwriting and storytelling.

She is also an activist championing multiple causes from LGBTQ rights, climate change, women’s rights, and suicide prevention. All worthy causes but one has to wonder how she finds the time to juggle so many passions.

While Halsey is her own person, If she were to be compared to anyone — that honor would go to the recently inducted Ellie Goulding. Both are Indie darlings with unique voices that have embraced electronic dance music as an alternate source for their output and have frequently crossed over into mainstream success.

Halsey is definitely one to watch and with so many accolades heaped on her (not without occasional missteps) and one of the best albums of 2020 (Manic) — there’s literally nothing to stop her from being one of this generation’s most visible and influential artists.

The Diva Hall of Fame is designated to women and gay men who have heavily contributed to dance music in its multiple forms as represented here. It’s not intended to substitute for the original works these remixes are based on — rather recognize the contributions and importance these artists as Halsey have made to the scene.

It’s with great pleasure that Party Favorz inducts one of several burgeoning new ladies into the Diva Hall of Fame. We look forward to even greater things from her in the future.

Album : Halsey | The Diva Series
Genre : Dance-Club, House, EDM
Year : 2020
Total Time : 01:07:39

1. New Americana (OLWIK Remix)

2. Hurricane (Arty Extended Mix)

3. Still Learning (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

4. Bad At Love (Barry Harris House Mix)

5. Strangers (Mitch Collinge Remix)

6. Alone (Calvin Harris Extended)

7. Now Or Never (Joe Maz Remix)

8. Ghost (Lost Kings Extended)

9. Him & I (Amice Remix) [with G-Eazy]

10. You Should Be Sad (Tiesto Remix Extended)

11. Graveyard (Colin Jay Club)

12. Be Kind (Denis First Remix) [with Marshmellow]

13. Colors (Sam Feldt Extended)

14. Trouble (Kleinenberg Extended Mix)

15. Eastside (Charlie Lane Remix) [with Benny Blanco and Khalid]

16. Without Me (Danny Dove Remix)

17. Closer (Tom Budin Remix) [with The Chainsmokers]

18. Nightmare (Nurko x Miles Away Remix)

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