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The Diva Series BetteBette Midler has been on my shortlist of inductions into the Diva Hall of Fame for a very long time, for a reason. I’ve been hoping and praying she might release an album of all new material, which would generate new remixes for inclusion in a comprehensive set featuring the Divine Miss M.

While no such album has materialized, she still records and tours. Lately, much of her focus has been on classics, which frankly showcase her amazing vocal elasticity. From the aforementioned classics (50’s, 60’s, you name it) to rock, house, ballads and yes even disco (I’ve got a rare remastered recording you’re going to be tickled pink over included), there ain’t nothing this woman can’t tackle.

Bette is a Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globe winner, Oscar nominee for best actress in one of my all-time favorite movies The Rose (she was robbed of the Oscar IMHO) and is a well-known NYC green/environmental activist. Then there is Beaches, a movie us gay-folk will hold near and dear in our hearts for life.

From Broadway and bath houses to sold out comedy tours and concerts, there isn’t anything she hasn’t accomplished in life. Well maybe one. Girlfriend, you and Cher need to hookup and do a duet, movie or something. You both compliment each other perfectly, so we’ll just throw that on our bucket list and bow down to the DIVA goddess’ and hope they answer our prayers (fingers crossed).

This set was fairly easy to put together and after a request from one of my longtime followers, I decided now was the time. Marshall, this one’s for you. ENJOY!

Album : Bette Midler | The Diva Series
Genre : Circuit, Disco, House, Very Gay
Year : 2016
Total Time : 1:09:36
  1. I’m Beautiful (Brinsley Evans Back To The Scene Of The Crime Mix)

  2. Beast Of Burden (Matt Pop Mix)

  3. Married Men (12” Disco Single)

  4. In These Shoes (Mark’s Heels To Platforms Vocal Mix)

  5. Fever (L.E.X. Bette’s On Fire Mixshow)

  6. I’m Beautiful (Victor Calderone Main Vocal Mix)

  7. Wind Beneath My Wings (Danny M Club Remix)

  8. The Rose (Jaimie J Circuit Mix)

  9. Be My Baby (7th Heaven Extended More Edit)

  10. To Deserve You (Arif’s Club Mix)

  11. Do You Want To Dance (Mr. Ultrafino Retouch)

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