Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Hex Hector Unleashed: The Ultimate Remix Collection Volume 3

Ah, the evocative power of music—especially when we’re talking about the sonic wizardry of Hex Hector. For those of you following along, I trust you’re just as enthralled by this tribute as I am. Hex Hector has been the alchemist behind so many unforgettable tracks that it’s easy to lose count. But today, I want to zone in on some personal gems that have stood out in this remarkable set.

First, let’s talk about Reina’s “Find Another Woman” and Lisa Stansfield’s “I’m Leavin’.” Both songs, under the masterful touch of Hex Hector, evolve into pulsating dance anthems that possess the power to revive even the dreariest of dance floors. Hex Hector has this innate ability to infuse an unparalleled level of energy into tracks, elevating them to such heights that they often outshine the originals.

But it’s not just the well-known tracks that deserve attention. Hidden among these gems are surprise mixes that had slipped my memory but are just as enjoyable. Case in point: Sherrie Lea’s “Anyway,” Purple Kitty featuring Latanza Waters’ “Bang On,” and Joy Enriquez’s “Shake Up the Party.” While these tracks may not have been ingrained in our collective consciousness, they hit different when given the Hex Hector treatment. It’s akin to discovering a hidden treasure chest; you may not have been actively searching for it, but once found, it brings immeasurable joy.

What makes Hex Hector truly stand out as a remixer is his incredible versatility. His work transcends genre boundaries, effortlessly navigating between house, trance, and even pop, while always retaining a unique touch that can only be described as ‘Hex Hector-esque.’ His musical prowess is felt not just in the mega hits, but also in the lesser-known tracks that benefit from his transformative powers.

So, if you’re already captivated by this Hex Hector extravaganza, take heart—this isn’t the end. There’s still one more awe-inspiring sets to come, which promises to be as exhilarating as the ones we’ve already experienced. As we all know, Hex Hector is an artist who consistently delivers, and it’s this consistency that makes each revelation from his repertoire a joyous occasion.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : Hex Hector Mixology v3
Genre : Circuit House Classics
Year : 2015
Total Time : 01:10:14

1. Reina – Find Another Woman (Hex Main Club Mix)

2. Sherrie Lea – Anyway (Hex Club Mix)

3. Purple Kitty feat. LaTanza Waters – Bang On (Hex Remix)

4. La Bouche – You Won’t Forget Me (Hex Club Mix)

5. Joy Enriquez – Shake Up The Party (HQ2 Vocal Club Mix)

6. Deborah Cox – Nobody’s Supposed to be Here (Hex’s Club Mix)

7. Jennifer Lopez – Love Don’t Cost A Thing (HQ2 Club Mix)

8. Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me (Hex & Mac Quayle Club Mix)

9. Kimara Lovelace – Circles (Hex Club Mix)

10. Lisa Stansfield – I’m Leavin’ (Hex Club Mix)

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