Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Holiday Edition 2008 Volume 3

It looks like there wasn’t enough for a 4th mix, so this will be the final installment of the Holiday Edition 2008.  There’s some tough love going on in this mix, perfect for your peak-hour enjoyment.  Watch out for the Nicki Richards tune; quite possibly the first anthem for 2009.  Another one I’m really getting into is  Sweet Feet Music feat. Soul Sista Shakti with Jeanie Tracy & Pepper Mashay “Maybe God Is Tryin’ To Tell You Somethin'”.  Packed with exceptional mixes from start to finish, there’s not a bad mix in the bunch.  I don’t know what it is but there’s something about Gays, God, and Gospel that melds together really well.  Expect a Klubjumpers remix as part of a 2nd round of mixes in early January.

Speaking of Klubjumpers, check out the ultra HOT remix they turned in for the classic “I Can’t Get No Sleep 2008” by India.  Careful, you may burn yourself in the process.  Altogether, this is one solid set from start to finish.  You’ll notice a little bonus at the end of the mix by Kristine W.  Just a little Christmas something for those of you traveling this year to your holiday destination.

I’ll be wrapping up a Christmas present for the House heads which I’ll deliver on Christmas Eve and day.  Until then, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, however you may celebrate it.  Take care and I’ll be back at the end of next week for a series of year-end mixes to round out the year.  From my house to yours…Merry Christmas and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Album : Holiday Edition v3
Genre : Circuit, Progressive, Tribal
Year : 2008
Total Time : 1:30:50.00

Track : 1
Title : We’re The Pet Shop Boys (Ralphi Rosario Extended Vocal Mix)
Artist : Robbie Williams with Pet Shop Boys

Track : 2
Title : Does Your Mamma Know (Tony Marino’s Club Mix)
Artist : Pepper Mashay

Track : 3
Title : Bring The Love (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Anthem Mix)
Artist : Nicki Richards

Track : 4
Title : I Found Love (Ronnie Maze’s Tough Love Remix)
Artist : Sound Control feat. Michele McCain

Track : 5
Title : Eat You Up (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Club Mix)
Artist : Boa

Track : 6
Title : Natural High (Out Of Office Full Vocal Mix)
Artist : Michael Woods feat. Inaya Day

Track : 7
Title : T-Shirt (Jamie J. Sanchez Club Mix)
Artist : Shontelle

Track : 8
Title : Let Ya Have It (Dena Cucci Big Tribal Mix)
Artist : Michael M

Track : 9
Title : I Can’t Get No Sleep ’08 (Klubjumpers Club Mix)
Artist : India

Track : 10
Title : Womanizer (Junior’s Tribal Electro Mix)
Artist : Britney Spears

Track : 11
Title : Sweat (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Club Mix)
Artist : Erin Stevenson

Track : 12
Title : Maybe God Is Tryin’ to Tell You Somethin’ (Element 9 Mix)
Artist : Sweet Feet Music ft. Soul Sista Shakti w/Jeanie Tracy & Pepper Mashay

Track : 13
Title : If I Were A Boy (DJ Escape & Dom Capello Club Mix)
Artist : Beyonce

Track : 14
Title : Hard Candy Christmas (Paul Goodyear’s Resolution Club Mix)
Artist : Kristine W

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