Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Halloween Edition 2008 Volume 1

As we move closer to the end of October and deeper into autumn, everyone’s favorite time of the year to get freaky is just around the corner.  Of course, I’m talking about Halloween.  It’s a time of chills and thrills and the opportunity for many to live out their fantasies, if only for one night.  Frankly, I’ve never been one to get all excited about dressing up for the occasion.  I’m not really sure why; but, it sure is fun to go out to the bars and check everyone out in their wildest costumes.  I think the last time I dressed up was some years ago when I came home from college and went out with some friends to one of the new bars that had just opened up.  My friend Tery was bartending that night and he and his partner were dressed up as Captain Kirk and Lieutenant O’Whora!  The Lieutenant had strapped on a Dolly Parton-size bra and filled it with these humongous water balloons.  She’d be behind the bar just shaking those things as fast as she could whip up a Cosmo.

Another friend Robbie dressed up as a prince (flawless considering he had his housekeeper sew it for him) and Steve and Eloy a couple who owned a high-end salon, dressed up as matching honey bees, also handmade and ingenious if not cute.  I was wearing a brand new purple Axis shirt that I had bought in Dallas just before coming down, some black Girbauds, and black leather lace-up casual sneakers (I forget what the brand was, not that it matters) that I picked up at my dad’s store earlier in the day.  When asked what I was, I simply stated that I came as a grape.  The first response was “honey, we already knew that because you lost your cherry a long, long time ago”!  I kinda expected that one, but not over and over again all night.  I left by midnight and went clubbing in Mexico with some friends.  Good thing I did, because that was the night of the infamous stripper squatting on a bottle of Bud.  The place got raided and was shut down for good.  Glad I missed out on that one!  Now, I’m not telling you this story to bum you out on Halloween, go out and have fun, be yourself, or better yet, be whoever you want to be, just don’t carry it over into work as they may not appreciate that side of you.  You better believe I’ll be checking out all the freaks on Friday!  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

So here it is…my first Halloween Edition since starting this blog.  Actually, my first in a long time, since last year I did a Fall Edition and the year before was my Decadence Edition in place of Halloween.  I’ve loaded it with all sorts of goodies for my kiddies.  While the first two mixes lean heavily toward the Circuit crowd, I wouldn’t discount them too quickly.  There are some real gems in here and you never know when you might find a treat.  Let’s face it, you’ll treasure your treats longer than that trick you end up regretting the next day.  By the end of the second mix, you’ll see that it takes a different direction which carries on into the third mix (the one I think everyone will be all over).  Ultimately, you get a lot of tribal and progressive mixed in with some funky, electro, mainstream, and even a trance number at the end.  Overall, I’m really proud of the final outcome and worked really hard putting this together for you guys, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

I’ll be dispensing a new mix every other day until Thursday.  That should give everyone planning their Halloween events enough time to digest the music and decide if that will be your soundtrack for that fabulous party you’re going to throw.  You know, the one where anyone that’s someone WILL be attending.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday with take 2 of the mix…until then, ENJOY!

Album : Halloween Edition v1
Genre : Circuit, House, Progressive, Tribal
Year : 2008
Total Time : 1:34:40:00

Track : 1
Title : Bounce (Razor ‘n’ Guido Rebounce Vocal Mix)
Artist : Randy Friess

Not really sure why this song hasn’t gained much traction in the clubs.  Maybe it’s because the majority of the mixes were geared towards tribal.  Let’s face it, you only need one or two good circuit  mixes at best.  Personally, I’m really diggin the Razor ‘n’ Guido spin since it’s a little more digestible and certainly a lot of fun; though I bumped it up from 128 BPM to 130 to give it that lift I thought it needed.  Frankly, I’d like to hear this song remixed by Seamus Haji and see how he spins it.  I’d bet it’d be a HUGE club hit if he did.

Track : 2
Title : Break Me (Chris Cox Vocal Mix)
Artist : Tina Sugandh

This song needs no introduction.  It appeared on my Summer Edition and is currently riding high on Billboard’s Club Chart.  Essential.

Track : 3
Title : Put Your Hands Up (Altar Club-Up Remix)
Artist : Tony Moran feat. Everett Bradley

Track : 4
Title : I Kissed A Boy (Hector Fonseca Remix)
Artist : Chris Salvator

It was inevitable that some hottie with a good voice would remake this song into the gay classic it was destined to be.  Frankly, I’m sooo over the original, making this a bit refreshing.

Track : 5
Title : Kiss And Tell (Dena’s Vocal Mix)
Artist : Win feat. Gioia Bruno

Track : 6
Title : Everyday Is Halloween (Josh Harris Club Mix)
Artist : Dangerous Muse

Woo Hoo!  Apparently just about everyone and their mother missed out on this last year (including myself).  Probably because it was released a week before Halloween and NOT available for download.  Thanks to Masterbeat, they’ve brought back this remake of the 80’s classic by Ministry.  If you prefer the original classic, then stick to DM’s original take.  If you want something modernized for today’s floors, Josh has got it going on!  Essential.

Track : 7
Title : What I Want (Chris Cox Vocal Remix)
Artist : Bob Sinclar pres. Fireball

No introductions necessary here, other than Chris works this mutha OUT!  Essential.

Track : 8
Title : Dear Diary (Guido Osorio Vocal Mix)
Artist : Michael M

Remake of Michael’s club hit from a few years back does it again.  Guido really brought it out of the closet and onto the floors for a fresh spin.  “I went to the club and did a bump, bump…My life still sucks”!  Essential.

Track : 9
Title : I Can’t Get No Sleep (Mucci & Camara Da Freek Klub Anthem)
Artist : India

Updated mix of the 90’s classic featuring the unbelievably talented India.  Gurrrl, where ya been?  We miss you!  Fresh and fabulous is all you need to know.  Outstanding and damn near perfect!

Track : 10
Title : I’ll Be Lovin U Long Time (Aaron Paetsch Club Mix)
Artist : Mariah Carey

It doesn’t look like Def Jam is really putting much behind Mariah’s latest effort.  After ‘Touch My Body’ the album pretty much lost steam.  Consequently, we haven’t been treated to any other remixes for the singles.  Out of all of the amateur mixes for this song, Aaron P. pulls out the stops!  It would have gotten a five star had he not gone with one of those tricky intro/outro combos.  Outstanding.

Track : 11
Title : Behind (Callea Club Mix)
Artist : Flanders

Currently riding high on Billboards Club Chart as well as Dance Radio, it looks like Flanders has another massive hit on his hands.  Though there are a slew of mixes accompanying this song, the Callea mix is the only one you need.  Essential.

Track : 12
Title : Wanna Be Beautiful (Twisted Dee Remix)
Artist : Janice Grace

Really like what Twisted Dee did with this mix, but the one to play is the Dave vs. Claude Le Gache Remix which suits the song best.

Track : 13
Title : Keeps Gettin’ Better (Josue Escobedo Pure Energy Mix)
Artist : Christina Aguilera

Christina’s label really dropped the ball when commissioning the mixes for her latest.  Thankfully every amateur wants to get in on the action, cause this one creams ALL of them hands down!  Damn near essential.

Track : 14
Title : Joyful Sound (Hex’s Joyful Club Edit)
Artist : Debby Holiday

Track : 15
Title : Phreekn (TV Rock Mix)
Artist : Tom Stephan & Fierce Ruling Diva feat. Pete Gleadall

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