Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Summer Edition 2008 Volume 1

First and foremost, I want to thank Alex, Joseph, Nick, David V, David J, Klaus, and my good friend Glenn a.k.a. discoball for answering my call for help.  Without it, I would have been forced to suspend this site for a while.  That being said, with the kind of numbers Party Favorz has been drawing over the past several months and the disproportionate amount of downloads vs. contributors, it’s a shame that people can’t lend a hand to something they clearly enjoy.  There’s a lot more work that goes into this site than you could ever imagine.

For now, my plans are to keep the status quo as far as the site is concerned, though I will continue to look for ways to draw some type of revenue stream that would allow me to remove everything from my budget into one that solely exists for continuing operations.  As I’ve previously stated, I’m not looking to get rich, just the ability to cover any costs associated with maintaining this site.

If you look to your left, you’ll see I already have the cover art for the next several mixes up, so you know what to expect during the month of August.  The only one missing is a cross-promotional mix I’ll be making for Electroqueer out of the UK for their upcoming fall bash in London.  Though I plan on getting everything released between now and Labor Day (September 1st), I won’t make any promises.  After that, I’ll be sending out invitations to other DJs who want to promote their own site or their work while I take a rest.

Another thing I need to mention is that all links on this site including iTunes will be down until Sunday or so.  My anal retentive self moved everything over from to over the past couple of days.  I now need to go back and update all of the links on this site and re-associate my new listing with iTunes.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m guessing most everybody has already downloaded what they want from previous posts.  If there’s something you gotta have now, head on over to my Podbean account and you can get it there.

That being said, I’ve got my Summer Edition finally wrapped up.  Once listening to both mixes you’ll notice that the worlds of electro and tribal are merging and the electro-pop/funk stuff is really coming into its own.  While there’s always room for the standard circuit sound, this new direction of mixing it up really works and keeps things fresh.  Wait till you hear the second slice of this mix, which will be posted tomorrow.  Even I was blown away by the final result.  For now, take what you can and as always…Enjoy!

Album : Summer Edition v1
Genre : Circuit, Tribal, Progressive
Year : 2008
Total Time : 1:19:43:00

Track : 1
Title : Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance) (Eddies Anthem Mix)
Artist : Craig David

I’ve always like Craig David.  He’s good looking, has a great voice and was making some smart and sexy R&B tunes.  It looks like his label is getting antsy and is grilling him for a major breakthrough hit.  That’s not to say the original is a bad song, because it’s not.  Borrowing heavily from David Bowie’s 1983 smash “Let’s Dance” Craig re-writes the entire song and moves into Usher territory.  Eddie kicks it up 10 notches with his electribe take of the tune creating a big room electro stormer.  While I wouldn’t call this essential, it sure is a lot of fun.

Track : 2
Title : Break Me (Chris Cox Vocal Mix)
Artist : Tina Sugandh

I had to go and dig up some stuff on Tina, and all I can say is WOW!  With roots firmly steeped in India, this girl is fracking HOT!  The vocals play heavily on her Indian heritage, but it works almost to the point that you might confuse her with Inez.  Nevertheless, it could take a few listens for you to come around.  If not, check out Chris’ ‘Dub To Club Mix’ instead.

Track : 3
Title : God Save The Queer (Pagano Futurism Remix)
Artist : Wayne G

Track : 4
Title : Degeneration (Tomer G. Sexy Club Mix)
Artist : Mylene Farmer

Deep, heavy, sexy, sultry is what’s going on with this song.  Almost feels like your in the dungeon of some sex club.  LOVE IT!

Track : 5
Title : You Got Me Burning Up! 2008 (DNA Mix)
Artist : Cevin Fisher feat. Loleatta Holloway

I immediately got a hard on when I heard Cevin was releasing some 2008 remixes of this 1999 classic.  I’ve got to say, every single remix works for various hours of the night and each one takes it in a completely different direction from the original, while keeping Ms. Holloway’s amazing vocals intact.  Essential.

Track : 6
Title : Take My Breath Away (DJ Escape Club Edit)
Artist : Justin Lanning feat. Erin Hamilton

It’s always refreshing to have some males vocals that don’t sound like the guy belongs on Broadway instead of the club.  Justin has all the makings of a ‘Pop’ star and DJ Escape really works this one for the floor.  I’m not really sure where Erin plays into all of this, because her vocals (backing or otherwise) are nowhere to be found.  Regardless, I smell a hit.  Essential.

Track : 7
Title : Frozen (Ralphi Rosario Retarded Dub)
Artist : Tami Chynn

Thank Jesus for Ralphi’s dubs.  He’s probably the only DJ that puts out a completely different take without the vocals from the original.  If it wasn’t for his amazing dub version, I wouldn’t have even considered including this song, especially since Akon duets with Tami on the original club version.

Track : 8
Title : That Man Of Mine (Jamie J Sanchez Big Room Anthem Mix)
Artist : Cindy Mizelle

Typical?  Yes. Heard it all before?  Yes.  Sizzling vocals?  Yes.  Big room anthem?  Yes.  So why should you care?  Because it’s HOT!  Essential.

Track : 9
Title : Here With Me (DJ JST Club Mix)
Artist : Alyson

I’m sorry, I’m just not a big fan of Alyson.  You gotta give her some credit though.  Clearly she’s busts her nuts off to get her music out and befriends a good deal many producers who are willing to work with her.  No doubt this will be a hit, and rightfully so.  It’s just not for me.

Track : 10
Title : You Turned The Tables (Ralphi Rosario Vocal Mix)
Artist : Robin

Unlike Alyson, Robin is someone that thoroughly irritates me.  Basically this song is a re-worked version of her hit from a couple of years ago (maybe last year…who cares) ‘The DJ Made Me Do It’.  As in the previous, Ralphi comes in to save the day.  Though I have to admit, even he must have been going through the motions, because the dub version didn’t offer much difference.

Track : 11
Title : Feel (DJ Paulo’s LA 2 NY Mix)
Artist : DJ Paulo

DJ Paulo is one of a huge crop of up and coming in high demand DJs.  Like many of his colleagues, he’s been refining his skills in the clubs and putting out unauthorized remixes of popular tunes for a while now.  It does appear he’s finally coming into his own, and this dub proves it.  If you haven’t heard his ‘LA 2 NY Mix’ of Bimbo Jones’ ‘And I Try’ you’re seriously missing out.  Essential.

Track : 12
Title : I Can’t Get You Off My Mind (Tyler Nelson Dark Mixshow)
Artist : Jason Walker

Well, I had been waiting for the remixes and they’re finally here.  Looks like Jason has another hit on his hands.  With a girly voice trapped in a cute little man’s body, he’s got the whole Jimmy Sommerville thing down pat.  Granted, as a whole the remixes were a ‘mixed’ bag if you will.  However Tyler takes the prize with his winning formula of big beats, heavy synths and projection of that undeniable hook in the chorus.  (One word of advice for Jason: As soon as those promos go out, you need to have this song available for purchase from Amazon, Masterbeat or Perfect Beat.  Waiting only hurts your bottom line…just a suggestion).  Essential.

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