Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Summer Edition 2008 Volume 2

…and finally we wrap up the summer circuit scene with the v2 mix of the Summer Edition.  All I can say is HOT!  In fact, just as hot as the guy on the cover…yummy!  If you’re looking to cool down, this ain’t the place.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll do my best to be back next weekend with the long overdue Deep Edition.  ENJOY!

Album : Summer Edition v2
Genre : Circuit, Tribal, Progressive
Year : 2008
Total Time : 1:19:49:00

Track : 1
Title : Ready For This (South Lovers Drumma Re-rub)
Artist : Edson Pride

Track : 2
Title : Deeper (Original Mix)
Artist : Nick Terranova

Track : 3
Title : Control Yourself (Michael T Diamond Immediate Release Mix)
Artist : Erin Hamilton

The 2nd round of mixes came out a couple of weeks ago and contains Manny’s vocal version, which still rules.  However, everyone has been clamoring about the Michael T. Diamond mix and rightfully so.  I can’t remember the last time Michael has served us a production.  Apparently, he’s still in fine form taking ‘Control Yourself’ in a completely different direction than any of the mixes between the two discs.  He manages to strip the big tribal beats out in favor of a more electronic approach which was perfect for transitioning to the electro atmosphere of this mix.  Outstanding!

Track : 4
Title : Into The Nightlife (Soul Seekerz Vocal Club Mix)
Artist : Cyndi Lauper

One of my favorite songs from Cyndi’s new album.  While there’s also an outstanding mix by Jody DB, the Soul Seekerz muster up a little more energy than his.  Either way, you can’t go wrong as both do a great job maintaining the essence of the original.  “Shirtless wonders in my sight…under the light”…deliciously ESSENTIAL!

Track : 5
Title : Disco Lies (Freemasons Club Mix)
Artist : Moby

Looks like the Freemasons may be finishing up work on Beyonce’s next album.  We’re finally being treated to some of their work on a handful of mixes this summer.  Good thing, because 7th Heaven and Soul Seekerz have been on FIRE and successfully taking up their slack.  I’m guessing this may have been done for the UK release of this single, since it wasn’t available on the US version.  Frankly, this beats them all hands down.  Sorry Spencer & Hill.  Essential.

Track : 6
Title : Middle Of The Dancefloor (Ranny’s Miami Dub)
Artist : Jipsta

New York native Jipsta is at it again with his own brand of “homohop” (the breeding of circuit meets hip hop).  While Edson did the honors again, it’s Ranny’s mix that steals the show moving it in a more electribe groove that better suits the song.  For those that haven’t heard the full vocal version, you should check it out as he flips the gender table around from traditional hip-hop songs.  Fun & FIERCE!

Track : 7
Title : Shut Up And Let Me Go (Johnny Vicious Warehouse Dub)
Artist : The Ting Tings

All it took was an iPod commercial and this little 2 piece indie band out of the UK have exploded into mainstream consciousness.  With great stripped down garage pop like “Great DJ”, “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go” what’s not to like?  It’s all about the guitar, bass and drum with a lot of attitude.  Johnny clearly captures that vibe in his Warehouse Dub, shifting the original jangly tune to the electronic dancefloor.  Outstanding.

Track : 8
Title : Fame (Twisted Dee’s NYC High School For The Arts Peak Time Club Mix)
Artist : DJ Bill Bennett & Suzanne Palmer

We had a sneak peak of the Edson Pride mix back in May on my First Splash Edition, and now the first set of mixes are out with Twisted Dee taking top honors.  Combining Suzanne Palmer’s incredible vocals with the 1980 classic originally performed by Irene Cara was masterful.  Obviously, full credit goes to Bill Bennett.  The second single taken from his forthcoming major label album due in September.  Bill is currently on his “Big Muscle” world tour, so if you get the chance, check him out live.  Watch out for the much anticipated steamy video featuring Bill and a famous porn star, sorry I don’t have the specs, but as soon as it’s out…Essential.

Track : 9
Title : Without You (Matthew Dekay Remix)
Artist : Winona

Much like Mylene Farmer’s “Degeneration”, this continues down the deep and dark path of the dance world’s underbelly.  Being a last minute addition, I was quickly drawn to this song on first listen.  I’m not sure what it is about these two songs.  It just makes me want to go out and do something slutty.  Essential.

Track : 10
Title : Spotlight (Johnny Vicious Club Mix)
Artist : Jennifer Hudson

Moving away from the sunnier remix by Moto Blanco, Johnny takes the song down a darker path that encompasses his awesome electribe styling of which I’m quickly becoming a fan of.  Essential.

Track : 11
Title : Reach Out (Twisted Dee Club Mix)
Artist : Carol Hahn

Well it’s been a long time coming, but Carol Hahn appears to have a massive hit on her hands.  With early support from many top name circuit DJs, this is going to be a major summer sleeper (just wait, I promise).  Edson Pride and Arenna equally turn in amazing productions for a stellar package.  DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!  Essential.

Track : 12
Title : I Wanna Be With You (Klubjumpers Extended Mix)
Artist : Sean Ensign

I wasn’t exactly enthused to see another Sean Ensign tune only because he reminds me of a long lost friend’s boyfriend of me and my ex.  He was a money grabbing, coattail loser that happened to record some demos in some low end New York recording studio.  Anytime new people were introduced into the circle, he would jump at the chance to pull out one of his endless copies to play his poor mans Broadway cum circuit/pop crap and then had the audacity to give it away as a gift in hopes that it might find its way into the right hands.  The only place those CDs were going was the trash bin.  Sorry Sean, I try to disassociate you two, but you like so much like him.  Nevertheless, to be fair I began previewing the accompanying mixes for his new tune starting with ‘Electric Allstars’, then ‘Shanghi-Surprise’, ‘Georgie Porgie’ all of which are pretty wretched.  Then I got to the ‘Klubjumpers’ mix.  Now, I have never been a fan of their circuit meets hard dance production style, but when I first heard this, sparks began to fly.  I admit I was wrong and the combination of Sean’s vocals and the KJ production crew is simply amazing!  Feast yourself on a supercharged electro mix that not only compliments his vocals but will move any dancefloor, gay or straight.  Outstanding.

Track : 13
Title : And I Try (Paulo & Dutkevitch Creative Mix)
Artist : Bimbo Jones feat. Katherine Ellis

I’ve made no bones about my starry eyes for Ms. Ellis.  While the lyrics may come off as a little trite and typical, Katherine’s vocals provide the song an illusion of importance.  At the very least, she takes her shit seriously.  DJ Paulo takes this song and turns an already powerhouse burner into a big room floor stomper!  Equally as good is his ‘NY 2 LA Club Dub’.  Essential.

Track : 14
Title : Looking 4 Men (Chris Cox Anthem Vocal)
Artist : Rosabel feat. Tamara Wallace

Finally, we got another wailing diva style anthem.  Certainly Rosabel turns in some stellar mixes, but nothing we haven’t heard before.  However, in the more than capable hands of Chris Cox, the song reaches an entirely new level of energy.  I’m so glad to see him back doing what he does best.  Anthem indeed!  Essential

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