Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Winter Edition 2008 | Pt. 1 & 2

T.G.I.F. Ah yes…made it just in time for the weekend! This was no easy feat. Before I get on with the usual discussion about the songs on this mix, I want to bring up a few things.

First, there are only a few days remaining to get your vote in for the way you prefer the mixes to be delivered. You can cast your vote just to the right of this post.

2nd, for those of you who apparently haven’t figured it out yet, when it says Disc 1/2, that means there are two discs in this collection. Disc 1/2 is the first download and when you scroll down somewhere in the middle, you will find Disc 2/2, or the second download for that mix. I only brought this up because a whopping number of you jumped all over my Electro-Tech Edition, but only half downloaded the second one. Therefore, I’m guessing many of you aren’t aware of the second mix. Now, if it says Disc 1/1, well that means there is only one download for that mix. It can happen, so just be mindful of that fact.

3rd, I made this blog at the urging of friends. Often I found I was just giving the mixes away. So, I thought this would be cheaper and less time-consuming. On the contrary, not only does it take up more time, but costs more money as well. When you figure in the costs for music, bandwidth, storage etc. this ain’ t cheap. Especially for someone who’s been without a job since May. I guess no one wants to higher a cripple. So be it. I’ll figure something out. So, if you think you could start showing a little more love I’d certainly appreciate it. After just being turned down for another high paying job, right now, I need all the love I can get.

I’ll tell you what…anyone that leave’s a constructive comment, whether about the music or anyway that I could improve this site (positive or negative…just keep it within reason and no blah, blah, blah) at the end of this post, let’s say by January 20th, will be entered into a drawing for a genuine copy of any mix of your choosing I’ve made this year; shipped anywhere in the world for free! That’s right, the full double CD with artwork and all. My discs aren’t cheap; they look better than that crap you spend $20 on in the stores and sound better to boot! There will be 3 winners which will be announced on Monday and I’ll email you for shipping instructions. (Sorry, personal friends are not eligible for the drawing).

Now, on with the music! Welcome to the first Winter Edition of the Party Favorz series. Usually, I wait until spring for the next circuit mix, but as mentioned in earlier posts, there’s way too much great music out to just sit on until then. I fully expect February to be kinda quiet, so I’m thinking about cooking up some classic mixes from the late nineties and early millennium. I’ll provide more details on that a little later. For now…Enjoy!

Due to the original structure of this post, the two separate sets have now been combined into one and remastered based on the techniques used in current podcasts.
Album : Winter Edition 2008 | Pt. 1 & 2
Genre : Circuit House
Total Time : 2:37:33:00

Track : 1
Title : You Get Down (Original Mix)
Artist : Tony Moran feat. Catherine Russel

Track : 2
Title : My Life Again (Lenny B. Club Mix)
Artist : Lauren Hildebrandt

Track : 3
Title : The Flame 2008 (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Club Remix)
Artist : Erin Hamilton

Track : 4
Title : It Had Better Be Tonight (Eddie Amador Club Mix)
Artist : Michael Bublé

Track : 5
Title : Until The End Of Time (Johnny Vicious & DJ Escape Remix)
Artist : Justin Timberlake & Beyoncé

Track : 6
Title : The Boss (Tracy Young’s Big Club Mix)
Artist : Kristine W

Track : 7
Title : Freedom (Original Mix)
Artist : Tony Moran feat. Nicki Richards

Track : 8
Title : Away From Me (Altar Big Room Mix)
Artist : Altar feat. Amannda

Track : 9
Title : Me (Rosabel’s Anthem Mix)
Artist : Tamia

Track : 10
Title : No, No, No (Friscia & Lamboy Vocal Mix)
Artist : Ono

Track : 11
Title : Love Like This (Johnny Vicious Vocal Club Mix)
Artist : Natasha Bedingfield

Track : 12
Title : Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart (Eddie Baez Club Remix)
Artist : Lori Jenaire

Track : 13
Title : Destiny (Cotto’s Destiny Club Mix)
Artist : Amber Rose

Track : 14
Title : Ghetto (Junior Vasquez In Da Club Mix)
Artist : Kelly Rowland

Track : 15
Title : Piece Of Me (Edson Pride Club Mix)
Artist : Britney Spears

Track : 16
Title : Pack Your Bags (Ralphi Rosario Club Vox Mix)
Artist : Leana

Track : 17
Title : Show You (The Cube Guys Dub Remix)
Artist : Massi & Deleon pres. Breathwaite

Track : 18
Title : Apologize (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix)
Artist : Timbaland pres. One Republic

Track : 19
Title : Don’t Hold Back (Moran, Jody DB & Rigg NY Dance Mix)
Artist : Tatiana Okupnik

Track : 20
Title : Hot Shot (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J Remix)
Artist : Karen Young

Track : 21
Title : Give It (Friscia & Lamboy Salvation Club Mix)
Artist : X-Press 2

Track : 22
Title : Beautiful (Hex Hector Vocal Mix)
Artist : Taylor Dayne!

Track : 23
Title : Gorgeous (Tracy Young Remix)
Artist : Idina Menzel

Track : 24
Title : Just Fine (Scotty K Vocal Klub Mix)
Artist : Mary J. Blige

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