Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

House Edition 2008 Volume 6 (Take 2)

Geez, I feel like I’ve been running a marathon with these mixes…LOL.  At least, I’m in the home stretch with only one more to go.  This is a lot of fun, but it can sure wear you out.  Looking at my Podbean account, I’m going to have to start clearing some stuff out to make room for the rest of the December mixes (something I don’t like to do).  As a result, the Blender Edition has been canceled.  In fact, after my next post on Tuesday or so, I plan on taking a week off before bringing out the Holiday Edition.  This gives me some time to focus on some other things that need attention (mainly my computer and workstation).  I promise to do my best to split the Holiday and Year-End mixes up into something more manageable and exercise some restraint and/or self-editing in the final mixes of the year.  Really.

As for this mix, all I can say is WOW!  This is holy hotness smothered in some smooth soul and layered with some serious funk.  We get not one, but two seriously smoldering DJ Meme mixes whose brand of neo-disco is sweeping the dance world one club at a time.  This Groove Junkies take on the First Choice classic “Dr. Feelgood” with Meme doing the remix honors is nothing short of brilliant!  I’m also serving up the latest by Kristine W and the much sought-after updated classic by Asha “JJ Tribute 2008” both with 7th Heaven doing the remix honors.  I want to thank a very special someone for floating that song well before its official release.
You’ll also notice that between these two mixes, there is an abundance of Richard Earnshaw and Muthafunkaz mixes.  Not only have they been prolific in their output, but the quality is nothing short of stellar.  As a result, they have both been added to my “Heroes” section of producers that I most admire.
Note for note and song for song, this is one badass mix and if this doesn’t ease your worries this holiday season, then nothing will.  So sit back and relax, cause K j A M is serving up some serious house music.  As D’Layna proclaims…”HOUSE MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE!”  Enjoy.
Album : House Edition v6
Genre : House, Disco, Funky, Soulful
Year : 2008
Total Time : 3:36:42.00
Track : 1
Title : Holdin’ On (Greg Stainer Mix)
Artist : Physics

Track : 2
Title : Sunshine Paradise (Hott 22 Club Mix)
Artist : Laurent Wolf & Soni Dee

Track : 3
Title : Shine (Marcelo Souza Chic House Mix 2009 )
Artist : Luther Vandross

Track : 4
Title : Just Sing (Muthafunkaz Mix)
Artist : Distant People

Track : 5
Title : I Can’t Wait (Main Room Mix)
Artist : H&H Soulsurvivors feat. Diana Waite & The Heavenly Choir

Track : 6
Title : Holdin’ On (Oscar P & Davidson Ospina Vocal)
Artist : Physics

Track : 7
Title : Good Love (Original)
Artist : Steven Stone & Andrea Love

Track : 8
Title : Dr. Feelgood 2008 (DJ Meme’s Philly Suite Mix)
Artist : Groove Junkies feat. Diane Carter

Track : 9
Title : Around Love (Original)
Artist : Marquito

Track : 10
Title : The Night I Fell In Love (Georgie’s Fell In Love Extended Mix)
Artist : Nancy Yvonne

Track : 11
Title : These Times (The Jinks Remix)
Artist : Soul Harmonics feat. Rachel Claudio

Track : 12
Title : I Am (What You Want Me To Be) (Schwarz & Funk Remix)
Artist : Camille Jones

Track : 13
Title : Another Dimension (Triple D Club Mix)
Artist : Timmy Vegas & Bad Lay Dee

Track : 14
Title : Keep The Fires Burning (DJ Meme Vocal Remix)
Artist : Kenny Thomas

Track : 15
Title : Tattoo Woman (Jamie Lewis Sex On The Beach Mix)
Artist : Cerrone

Track : 16
Title : Make it Alright (Richard Earnshaw Main Mix)
Artist : Lenny Fontana & Joi Cardwell

Track : 17
Title : Found A Reason (Original)
Artist : Kinsmen

Track : 18
Title : Misunderstanding (Luca Cassani Club Mix)
Artist : Cerrone vs. Sweet Connection

Track : 19
Title : He’s So Real (DJ Spen Praise Party Mix)
Artist : DJ Spen pres. The Jersey Maestros feat. Renee Smith

Track : 20
Title : Lose My Mind (Funkellers Remix)
Artist : Andrea Carissimi feat. Orlando Johnson

Track : 21
Title : Stand Up (Danny Clark & Jay Benham Remix)
Artist : Daddy Funk 45 feat. Lovella

Track : 22
Title : Give It Up (MuthaFunkaz 12” Vox)
Artist : Roy Davis Jr.

Track : 23
Title : Holding Out 4 Love (Original Extended)
Artist : Dave Lambert & Sir G feat. Terri B

Track : 24
Title : Finally (Original Mix)
Artist : Ajay feat. Anita Davis

Track : 25
Title : Bring The Love (Warren Rigg Full House Mix)
Artist : Nicki Richards

Track : 26
Title : Never (7th Heaven On The Floor Club Mix)
Artist : Kristine W

Track : 27
Title : J J Tribute 2008 (7th Heaven Remix)
Artist : Asha

Track : 28
Title : Sound Of The City (Soulshaker Club Mix)
Artist : Kathy Brown vs. White Knights

Track : 29
Title : House Music Will Never Die (Original Mix)
Artist : D’Layna & Ronnie Maze

Track : 30
Title : Take Me To The Sky (Funky Soldiers Vocal Mix)
Artist : Justin Michael & Phonic Funk feat. Maiya

Track : 31
Title : Outta Love (Alix Alvarez SOLE Channel Remix)
Artist : Reel People feat. Omar

Track : 32
Title : Sun Will Shine (Copyright Main Mix)
Artist : Studio Apartment feat. Yasmeen Sulieman

Track : 33
Title : I’ve Changed (Earnshaw & Jones Remix)
Artist : Thomas Toccafondi feat. Kaysee

Track : 34
Title : Soul Truth (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
Artist : Damien Bailey feat. Riz

Track : 35
Title : Yum Yum (Gimme Some) (Bop Til U Drop Mix)
Artist : Pulse

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