Keep On Jumpin’ | 90’s House Classics v6

90's House Classics v6Keep On Jumpin’ is part of a seven set 90’s House Classics series I put out in 2010. It came at a time when Party Favorz went on an extended vacation and wasn’t available for very long. For the first time in four years, I’m bringing this important series back and giving it a permanent home here on the site. Enjoy of this heavenly slice of House Music history.

Album : Keep On Jumpin’ |  90’s House Classics v6
Genre : Classic House
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:18:59:00
  1. Mariah Carey – Emotions (12” Club Mix)

  2. 49ers – Don’t You Love Me (90’s Mix)

  3. Clubhouse – Deep In My Heart (American 12” Mix)

  4. D-Mob with Cathy Dennis – That’s The Way Of The World (12” Version)

  5. Black Box – I Don’t Know (Hurley’s House Mix)

  6. Carleen Anderson – Mama Said (K-Klassic Mix)

  7. Sounds Of Blackness – I Believe (Classic Gospel Mix)

  8. Shawn Christopher – Don’t Lose The Magic (David Morales Club Mix)

  9. Clubland – Hold On (Hurley’s House Mix)

  10. Master’s At Work pres. India – To Be In Love (Full Intention Club Edit)

  11. Todd Terry feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown – Keep On Jumpin (Tee’s Freeze Mix)

  12. Toni Braxton – You’re Making me High (Classic Mix)

  13. Chaka Khan – Love You All My Lifetime (Garage Mix With Strings)

  14. Madonna – Secret (Junior’s Luscious Club Mix)

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