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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Madonna’s Birthday Celebration 2k16 | The Diva Series

After a month of teasing you folks, it’s finally here! Madonna’s birthday celebration for 2k16 is chock-full of bootleg fabulosity!

I haven’t created a full-on circuit set for her majesty since 2010 and based on the songs I was coming across, it became pretty clear that’s where this set was heading. Just based on this site’s stats, I know we’ve got a ton of circuit lovers here and it’s a given that Madonna reigns the Diva Hall of Fame. Just like peanut butter and chocolate, these are two great tastes that go together.

This set relies heavily on bootlegs from Rebel Heart and M.D.N.A. but also pulls from her vast catalog going back to the 80s with bootlegs that are so well done, they could have been official.

HenriqMoraes one-ups Matt Moss’s take on Like a Virgin by delivering a bouncy tribal fun adaption of the original while VMC turns the best version EVER of What It Feels Like For a Girl (and some awesome remixes that accompanied that release).

Even though it’s a dub, Luke DB, Umberto Balzanelli & Michelle give us the best version of Hung Up that frankly never existed with the official mixes. Sorry, but those were always lacking and Leanh delivers the hands-down winner of all the bootlegs with a remake of my least favorite song from American Life, Nobody Knows. His progressively tribal version is just so fun, it’s a wonder nobody ever thought of this treatment.

VMC takes Bedtime Story and Victor Calderone’s unreleased version on steroids ensuring a circuit lover’s wet dream. Ralphi Rosario delivers an 11+ minute progressively tribal opus to Erotica, while Thiago Anthony gives Frozen a 21st-century circuit makeover.

I reached out to Barry Harris to see if he had anything new in the works but sadly he did not. When I told him his version of Deeper and Deeper + Vogue made the cut, he suggested Ghosttown. I tried to make it work, but his more house-up rendition (which I love) just sapped the energy out of the set so I went with DJ Paulo and Jackinsky instead. He’s a super nice guy so I’m pretty certain he took it well.

Finally, I close the set out with a mashup by Noface between Madonna and Me and My Toothbrush’s Gold Member. This pretty much sets the stage for a fun Chic-Esque disco rework of the original that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face if you haven’t heard it yet.

Every year I try to outdo myself on these mixes and always fret as to what I’m going to come up with. While I’ve always been pleased with the final result, this year I can honestly say I am beyond stoked. From the artwork, and track selection (yes, I had a lot to go through) to the actual mixing, this is one solid set that should set the dance floor on FIRE for your local Madonna birthday celebration.

I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did putting it together for her loyal subjects. It’s Madonna’s Birthday Celebration…Y’ALL ENJOY!

Album : Madonna’s Birthday Celebration 2k16
Genre : Circuit, Tribal, Progressive
Year : 2016
Total Time : 02:14:11

1. Overture

2. Devil Pray (Jose Spinnin Cortes White Label Mix)

3. Like A Virgin (HenriqMoraes Nervouz Private Remix)

4. Bitch I’m Madonna (Adrian Lagunas & Jesus Montañez Remix)

5. Iconic (Erick Martell Private Remix)

6. What It Feels Like For A Girl (VMC Remix)

7. Like A Prayer (James Anthony’s Big Room Mix)

8. Holiday (HenriqMoraes Remix)

9. Ghosttown (Paulo & Jackinsky Club Mix)

10. Hung Up (Luke DB , Umberto Balzanelli & Michelle 2K15 Bootleg Mix)

11. Ray Of Light (Yerko Molina & Fred Miller Private Mix)

12. Nobody Knows Me (Leanh 2k16 Club Mix)

13. Deeper & Deeper 2K14 (Barry Harris 2k14 Remix)

14. Bedtime Story (VMC Remix)

15. Erotica (Ralphi Rosario Private Mix)

16. Sorry (Luis Erre Universal Mix)

17. Frozen (Thiago Antony Club Mix)

18. Living For Love (DJ PAULO and Jackinsky Full Vocal Mix)

19. Girl Gone Wild (Guy Scheiman Remix)

20. S.E.X. (Cajjmere Wray Remix)

21. Gang Bang (George M. Private Orgy Bootleg)

22. Vogue (Barry Harris Rebel Heart Remix)

23. Gold Music (Noface Mashup)

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