Trash Disco

Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection vol. 7

Well, I did it. I just knocked out one of my bucket list items that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. That is, creating a comprehensive collection of some of the finest Classic Disco Tracks of all time. Coming in at a whopping 222 tracks …Read More & Download

Trash Disco

Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection Vol. 6

As we near the end of the Trash Disco the Ultimate Collection series, we can only reminisce about better times. In a world where fascism is starting to take hold over our everyday lives, inch by inch which gives way to mile by mile, we become more aware of …Read More & Download

Trash Disco

Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection Vol. 5

There are many accounts about the rise of Disco bubbling up from as late as the 60’s. Frankly, I won’t go back that far because it really wasn’t on people’s radar until around 1973-74. Many soul artists were picking up on the faster rhythmic beats and had massive success with …Read More & Download

Trash-Disco-The-Ultimate-Collection-Vol -4

Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection Vol. 4 | Expanded

It’s getting HOT in here! Based on the internal numbers, the new Trash Disco series is blowing the roof off! I knew there was a hunger for this back in 2016 when I posted the original 8-set series, but this is crazy. For the uninitiated, the Trash Disco Ultimate …Read More & Download

Trash Disco

Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection Vol. 3 | Updated

Party Favorz is back with volume 3 of the Ultimate Collection of the greatest Trash Disco tracks of all time. I’ve been running a bit behind because I noticed after the first volume, some of the transitions were misaligned once exported to file. This tends to be the case when …Read More & Download

Trash Disco The Ultimate Collection Vol 2

Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 | Fixed

I’m back with Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection Volume 2, and this one is a whopper! Since Disco isn’t monolithic in its styles nor liberal use of varying BPMs, I broke these mixes up into three distinct categories. First, you have the 90 to 121 BPM tracks, which …Read More & Download

Trash Disco The Ulti Collection Vol-1

Trash Disco | The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 | Updated

Growing up as a kid, I never received any type of allowance. My parents were firmly upper-middle class but my father was generally pretty tight when it came to money. Like most kids, I had my chores like washing dishes and taking out the garbage. By 6th grade, my …Read More & Download

Catching Up With Purple Disco Machine

Catching Up with Purple Disco Machine

Party Favorz is back with my birthday gift to myself that I decided to share with the world. This latest Legacy induction is none other than the musically talented Purple Disco Machine. German native Tino Piontek aka Purple Disco Machine got his start as far back as 2009 with …Read More & Download

Drop It

Drop It! | The Latest Tech House & Techno Sounds from the Underground

Party Favorz is back to help you get over the mid-week hump with Drop It featuring the latest Tech House and Techno sounds from the underground! This set harkens back to some of the earlier sets I created when I resurrected the Deep Edition. That is, it’s darker than most …Read More & Download

Disco Voyage

Disco Voyagé | Journey Through the Center of Funky House Music!

Though it’s cold, drizzling, and frankly miserable, HAPPY FRIDAY anyway! Party Favorz is proud to roll-out the latest FunkyDiscoHouseShit to lift your spirits this weekend with Disco Voyagé. If anyone needs to be lifted up, it sure as shit is me. When I tried to start my car this …Read More & Download

Shannon The Diva Series

Shannon | The Diva Series

Shannon Brenda Greene[1][2] (born May 2, 1958), known by the mononym Shannon, is an American singer and songwriter of freestyle and dance-pop music. She is best known for her single “Let the Music Play” “Give Me Tonight” which topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart in 1983-84. In 1985, Shannon released her second album “Don’t You Wanna Get Away,” …Read More & Download