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Experience the magic of Hi-NRG with our tribute mixes, celebrating this influential genre of uptempo disco and electronic dance music. Get ready to groove to pulsating basslines and intense vocals!

Hi-NRG Gay Anthems Volume 4

We have reached the end of the Hi-NRG Gay Anthems series and all I have to say is WOW! Party Favorz has quite possibly the most extensive series of mixes dating back to the 70s till the present day of any podcast out there and I’m always surprised at how well various sets perform. This …Read More, Stream and Download

Hi-NRG Gay Anthems Volume 3

Happy Monday or maybe not. If it’s bitterly cold, snowing, or iced-over where you’re at never fear as Party Favorz is here to put a little sunshine in your day with Hi-NRG Gay Anthems volume 3! This set pulls from both decades with a few caveats. The late Viola Wills got started in the clubs …Read More, Stream and Download

Hi-NRG Gay Anthems Volume 2

Sorry, I’m late posting this morning, but I was up late and slept in. Party Favorz is delivering volume 2 of Hi-NRG Gay Anthems where I step up the beats and deliver the fun! I’ve taken some liberty in the track selection like “Touch Me In the Morning” by Diana Ross was reworked in the …Read More, Stream and Download

Hi-NRG Gay Anthems Volume 1

Happy Friday everybody! Party Favorz is back with a multi-volume set of Hi-NRG gay anthems from the 80s and 90s that have been reinvigorated for today’s dance floors. The original concept was to create a Hi-NRG compilation of dance tracks from the 1980s. After pouring through most of them, I concluded that a lot of …Read More, Stream and Download