Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Rollin’ in the Deep pt. 1

Say what?  Another house music set?  Hey folks, if you haven’t been paying attention since last year, this is the direction that a lot of the EDM mainstream has been heading; so it only makes sense that there would be more of these sets than my traditional electro-house sets.  Even those, like last week’s Ripe and Juicy had many elements of the deep bass sound that’s prevalent in the current dance music scene.

To prove my point, go back and read what I wrote in last year’s The Best in House 2015, as I had predicted the heavy influence of that sound seeping into the mainstream.  Eventually, it will correct itself as I am already beginning to hear some 80s influences which are coming across as pretty relevant today.  Think of it like a washing machine with all the different colors and fabrics being thrown into together.  What you get when it comes out are colors that bleed into others creating a whole new look for your favorite t-shirt, which is pretty cool. Then others begin to fade or tear creating a whole new category of clothing that’s still wearable while presenting a whole new image.

With all that being said, I really just wanted to clear my hard drive so I can make room for the latest rounds of EDMCircuit, and House music sets.  With all that I’ve got going on, I’m gonna lay things out for everybody.  You can expect the annual Jingle Electric (EDM) and Holiday Edition (Sexy Santa’s for the circuit boys) and one final House music set before the end of the year.  BackSpins, Divas, Tributes, etc. are all taking a backseat for the remainder of the year.

I’m also sorry to announce what looks like the demise of the Year-End Edition (Time Capsule) as I don’t see myself having the amount of time that’s needed to complete it.  I may be wrong but the way things are going for me at break-neck speed with the job I didn’t intend to keep because I was expecting to hear back from the government job I had applied for, it turns out I may continue working for a company that I really enjoy who are recognizing the talent I’m bringing to the table and if things keep going in their current trajectory, I could very well be sitting on top for the first time in a long time.  Nothing’s written stone yet so I’ll just have to wait and see; I’ll know for certain next week.

I can pretty much guarantee the release of the wildly popular Blow Your own Horn all-night party set that I’ve put out the past couple of years for compensation.

For now, just sit back and take in the sounds of house music.  Enjoy!

Album : Rollin’ in the Deep pt. 1
Genre : House, Deep House, Funky House
Year : 2015
Total Time : 01:21:05
  1. Watermat, Becky Hill & Tai – All My Love (TCTS Remix)
  2. Alex Adair – Heaven (Kideko Remix)
  3. Sheila Gordhan – Smile (AM2PM Remix)
  4. Emin feat. Nile Rogers – Boomerang (Wideboys Remix)
  5. Slideback & Philippe B – DANCE! (Original Mix)
  6. Cee Lo Green – Music To My Soul (The Shapeshifters Remix)
  7. Petite Meller – Barbaric (Mike Mago Remix)
  8. Sigma & Diztortion feat. Jacob Banks – Redemption (Jack Beats Rework)
  9. Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love (Extended)
  10. Black Violin – Magic (Jason Nevins Future House Mix)
  11. Uch feat. Yana & Imo State – Give It 2 Me (Original Mix)
  12. S-Express – Theme From S’Express (Vanilla Ace Excursion)
  13. Joe Stone & Daser – Freak (And You Know It) (Original Mix)
  14. Scales – Loves Got Me High (New Extended)
  15. Solu Music feat. Kimblee – Fade (Grant Nelson 2015 Rerub)
  16. ANOTR – Strobe (Original Mix)
  17. Fineart – Don’t Wanna Rush (Billon Remix)
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