Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Sade: The Beguiling Voice Behind Timeless Dance Remixes

Sade, the iconic band led by the enigmatic Sade Adu, has been the subject of immense adoration for decades. Recently, it was discovered that David Morales’ remix of ‘Shelter,’ featuring samples from Sade’s ‘I Never Thought I’d See the Day,‘ is quite a rarity. This sparked a renewed interest in my existing collection of Sade dance remixes. Consequently, I embarked on a quest to find more of these gems, only to find a sea of fans and a plethora of unofficial remixes that echo my own enthusiasm for the group.

Sade’s Unwavering Global Influence

Let’s set the record straight: Sade hasn’t dropped a new studio album since 2010. Despite this hiatus, their fan base has not only remained consistent but has flourished. Their mystique and talent have captivated millions globally, and it’s about time we honor this iconic ensemble in our Diva Hall of Fame.

Dance Remixes: Sade’s Iconic Songs Reimagined

Dive into the world of Sade dance remixes, and you’ll discover intriguing takes on their classic tracks. The Palinoia Remix of ‘The Sweetest Taboo’ offers a chill vibe, transforming the timeless song into a tranquil journey. Similarly, ‘Nothing Can Come Between Us,’ remixed by Master Chic, emerges as a sublime rendition that perfectly blends the group’s original elegance with modern house beats.

Chill Out and Relax with Sade

Most of these Sade remixes align with our Chill Out series, characterized by slower house music beats designed for relaxation. For instance, ‘Feel No Pain’ gets a mesmerizing makeover by Nellee Hooper, while ‘King of Sorrow’ undergoes a transformation by Fun Lovin’ Criminals, lending a unique, languid feel to the song.

Fandom Fuels Creativity: Unofficial Remixes

The feverish fan following has inspired a wide array of unofficial remixes. ‘Hang On To Your Love’ gets a unique spin with Greg Delon’s Bootleg version, while ‘Smooth Operator’ becomes an upbeat dancefloor number in DJ “S” Bootleg Dance Re-Mix. These remixes attest to the boundless creativity that Sade’s music has inspired over the years.

The Diva Series: A Tribute to Sade

Given Sade’s 75 million album sales and an army of devoted fans, it’s no surprise that they have secured a spot in our Diva Hall of Fame. In this series, we feature a wide array of remixes, from ‘Soldier Of Love’ remixed by Jason B, to ‘By Your Side,’ given a dreamy overlay by Ben Watt’s Lazy Dog Remix. Each rendition pays tribute to the original while offering listeners a fresh auditory experience.

Remixes: A Fresh Take on Classics

Here’s a quick list of some other brilliant Sade remixes that deserve your attention:

  • Pearls (Movement Soul Remix)
  • Jezebel (Finnebassen og Hansebassen Edit)
  • Cherish The Day (Disco Syndicate Mix)
  • Kiss Of Life (Bonus Kiss Mix)

So, if you are a long-time Sade aficionado or a recent convert, these dance remixes offer a rich, immersive experience, turning timeless classics into modern masterpieces. Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : Sade | The Diva Series
Genre : Chill, Soulful, House Music
Year : 2017
Total Time : 02:09:54

1. The Sweetest Taboo (Palinoia Remix)

2. Nothing Can Come Between Us (Master Chic Mix)

3. Somebody Already Broke My Heart (Iñaky Garcia Remix)

4. Feel No Pain (Nellee Hooper Remix)

5. King Of Sorrow (Fun Lovin’ Criminals Remix)

6. Paradise (Disco Re-Edit)

7. Hang On To Your Love (Greg Delon Bootleg)

8. Smooth Operator (DJ “S” Bootleg Dance Re-Mix)

9. I Couldn’t Love You More (IndySoul Summer 2015 Mix)

10. Like a Tattoo (Reelsoul Remix)

11. Pearls (Movement Soul Remix)

12. Soldier Of Love (Jason B Remix)

13. Jezebel (Finnebassen og Hansebassen Edit)

14. (Love Is) Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor’s Lovers-Rock ReMix)

15. Surrender Your Love (MKL Havana Mix)

16. No Ordinary Love (Patrikcina Remix)

17. Cherish The Day (Disco Syndicate Mix)

18. Kiss Of Life (Bonus Kiss Mix)

19. Never As Good As The First Time (Fantastic Man’s Never Looked Good Re-Edit)

20. I Never Thought (OtherSoul House Cafe Mix)

21. By Your Side (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)

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