Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Spring T-Dance 2021 | Spring Forward with the Latest Happy House & Dance Classics

It may still be a bit nippy outside but today is the first day of spring and I can’t think of any better way to celebrate it than with a Tea Dance set.

Lets face it, 2020 was a disaster and 2021 is only beginning to resemble a slight ounce of a return to normalcy. Then again, that all depends on where you live. If you’re in a science denying state that values profit over lives — then nothing has really changed for you.

Meanwhile, everyone else who follows the science, wears masks in public while social distancing and gets vaccinated as soon as it’s available have been the people taking one for the team. I won’t get bogged down into the specifics nor am I here to lecture but let’s just say it ain’t over no matter how badly you tell yourself otherwise (even after vaccination) but I digress.

Our duty is to put you in a happy mood and get you ready for what ultimately awaits on the other side of this thing.

I do want to mention that the opening song is not new, nor is it an updated version of the song. “If You Leave Me Now” by Veronica Sales (not the Chicago classic) just showed up while perusing JunoDownload for additional Disco House tracks to fill out the next set.

It turns out, the song was recently made available to download services but is originally from 1992. That’s about all I know of the song because it was never a hit in the states.

Having never heard the song before and after previewing it – I knew I had to include it in this set. The song bleeds GAY from every vocal to every beat! If you’ve never heard it before, you’re in for a campy treat.

The rest of the set is either new tracks or reworked classics by some of our favorite DJs like Barry Harris, Dirty Disco, Block & Crown, Division 4 and Jet Boot Jack. It blends tracks from the 70s, 80s, 90s to current day and is a masterful work of happy dance music. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face — nothing will.

I’ve got a new Disco House as a companion piece to this set going up soon, our annual Spring Break set that’s gonna be different than the standard commercial dance releases and hopefully (fingers crossed) a long overdue Diva Hall of Fame entry.

In fact, the April and May calendar release schedule is all filled up. Technically, June as well because I had been fretting on what to do for Gay Pride month but I’ve got it all figured out.

Until the next time… ENJOY!

Album: Spring T-Dance 2021
Genre: Vocal House, Disco House, Dance Classics
Year: 2021
Total Time: 02:43:30

1. Veronica Sales – If You Leave Me Now (Extended)

2. Dirty Disco vs. Erasure – Victim Of Love (Dirty Disco Classic Rework)

3. Disco Gurls – To The Sound (Extended Mix)

4. Block & Crown – The Way It Is (Original Mix)

5. Deaf Lion & Martina Budde – I Don’t Know Anybody Else (Yvvan Back & ZetaPhunk Remix)

6. Whitney Houston – So Emotional (Jet Boot Jack Remix)

7. ABC – The Look Of Love (Les Bisous Remix)

8. Depeche Mode – People Are People (Barry Harris 2021 Remix)

9. Human League – Don’t You Want Me (Barry Harris 2021 Remix)

10. Kylie Minogue – Golden Boy (Division 4 Back to ’87 Remix)

11. Dirty Disco vs. Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now (Dirty Disco Classic Rework)

12. Taylor Swift – Love Story (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix)

13. Sting feat. Kenny Bobien – If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Jet Boot Jack Remix)

14. Jason Walker – All To You (Georgies Jackin House Mix)

15. DJ Georgie Porgie & Tiffany Sharee – Your Love (Georgie’s House Is A Feeling Mix)

16. Disco Gurls feat. The Soul Gang – Nothing Can Stop Me (Extended Mix)

17. Rihanna – Love On The Brain (Liam Pfeifer Digital Disco Remix)

18. Dirty Disco vs. Kylie Minogue – Spinning Around (Dirty Disco Classic Rework)

19. Rozalla – I Feel It Slipping Away (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix)

20. 49ers feat. Ann-Marie Smith – Let The Sunshine In (7th Heaven’s Back In The Day Mixshow)

21. Sarah Dash – Sinner Man (Dirty Disco Classic Rework)

22. Stephan M & Laurent Simeca – Heaven Earth (Extended Mix)

23. Disco Gurls feat.The Soul Gang – The Way (Extended Mix)

24. Kylie Minogue – Real Groove (Argonaut Remix)

25. Ben Rainey – Rapture (Extended Mix)

26. Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (Kamarena Remix)

27. Quentin Harris & Jason Walker – Stronger (Alan Dixon Extended Remix)

28. 7th Heaven feat. Banderas – This Is Your Life (7th Heaven Club Mix)

29. Blondie – Rapture (Barry Harris 2021 Remix)

30. Mariah Carey – Fantasy (MAGIXX 2020 Remix)

31. Block & Crown + Paul Parsons – Shout (Original Mix)

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