Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

T-Dance Edition 2009 Volume 3 (Take 2)

Keeping up with the theme of take 1, this mix remains on the more commercial funky side of the T-Dance series.  The first three songs are a bit tougher and could have easily fit in with the BPM mixes.  Sometimes, I don’t know why I move certain songs to the T-Dance folder as opposed to the BPM folder, but I suppose there must be a method to my madness.

Regardless, Musiq Soulchild and Mary J. Blige are currently riding high with the very hot “IfULeave”.  This former #1 on Masterbeat’s club charts is just now making its move up the Billboard charts and I expect will ultimately land the top spot sometime this summer.  Ono’s “I’m Not Getting Enough” is an unlikely candidate for this mix, but I have to say, Eddie Amador took this song in a completely different direction than the rest of the mixes.  While he retains the overall darkness of the original, the pumps in this groovy house vibe throughout thus qualifying the song to be included.

On the campier side, Natalie Powers delivers a reliable interpretation of Laura Branigan’s “Shattered Glass” and the Klubkidz with Sam Solace equally turn in a reliable rendition of “It’s My Time” originally performed by Jade Ewen, winner of the 2009 Eurovision contest.  If it sounds like a Broadway show tune, that’s because it was written by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Diana Warren.  The funny thing is, I can’t help but think of Diana Ross’ “It’s My Turn” every time I hear it.  I don’t know, you be the judge.

Moving along, Stephane and 3G deliver a serious booty shaker with “We Don’t Wanna Put In.”  Mood Velvet and Janet Gray tackle a remake of the Hot Chocolate classic “Every 1’s a Winner” set to what sounds like the original mix for Faith Evans’ “Mesmerized” by Freemasons.

Nevertheless, it works quite well and since it’s been long enough, I don’t think most people will even notice.  Finally, one of the hot songs of the moment is by Wynonna (of Judd’s fame).  Taking a page from Leann Rimes handbook, she took the song “Sing” and had a plethora of producers come in and remix it for the dancefloor.  Almighty takes the cake for this mix, though expect Jody’s version to show up on the Gay Days edition in a couple of weeks.

That about does it for today. Tomorrow, we’ll be moving towards the pure house I had promised.  I’ve already listened to take 3 several times while running errands and I am quite pleased.  I’m certain the diehards amongst you will be as well.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the next set.  Until then, enjoy!

Album : T-Dance Edition v3
Genre : Dance, Disco, Funky, House
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:19:53:00

Track : 1
Title : IfULeave (Mig vs. Rizzo Club Mix)
Artist : Musiq Soulchild feat. Mary J. Blige

Track : 2
Title : I’m Not Getting Enough (Eddie Amador Mix)
Artist : Ono

Track : 3
Title : Dancin (Disco Lips Remix)
Artist : Ali Payami

Track : 4
Title : Can’t Help Myself (eSQUIRE Remix)
Artist : The Barflyz

Track : 5
Title : Be With You (Esquire Remix)
Artist : Steve Haines feat. Carmen Anderson

Track : 6
Title : Way Back (Clubzound Remix)
Artist : Ministry Of Funk

Track : 7
Title : Shattered Glass (Starlab Club Mix)
Artist : Natalie Powers

Track : 8
Title : It’s My Time (Extended Mix)
Artist : Klubkidz feat. Sam Solace

Track : 9
Title : I Believe In Love (Georgie Believes In Love Club)
Artist : Georgie Porgie

Track : 10
Title : Do It Again (Big Room Mix)
Artist : Disco Freaks

Track : 11
Title : Give You Everything (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
Artist : Erika Jayne

Track : 12
Title : We Don’t Wanna Put in (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Artist : Stephane & 3G

Track : 13
Title : Every 1’s A Winner (Samuele Sartini Mix)
Artist : Mood Velvet feat. Janet Gray

Track : 14
Title : Sing (Almighty Extended Mix)
Artist : Wynonna

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