Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2009 Volume 4

In the unforgettable year of 2009, we were graced with a plethora of energetic beats and vibrant melodies that have made an enduring impact on dance music. The top dance songs of 2009, featuring groundbreaking artists and transformative remixes, continue to be celebrated even today for their creativity and originality.

Kicking off the list is Alexandra Burke’s infectious collaboration with Flo Rida, “Bad Boys”, excellently remixed by Moto Blanco. Similarly, the Mark Picchiotti mix of Solange’s “T.O.N.Y” caught attention for its captivating rhythm and memorable melodies. Another top dance song of 2009 that undoubtedly kept clubbers moving was Moony’s “I Don’t Know Why,” as remixed by Viale & DJ Ross.

Among the most popular dance songs of 2009 were “Say It” by Booty Luv, remixed by Warren Clarke, and “Boys and Girls” by Pixie Lott, given a fresh spin by Moto Blanco Club. Enrique Iglesias and Ciara’s “Takin’ Back My Love”, with its infectious beats by Jody Den Broeder, was another dance floor favorite.

However, it would be impossible to discuss the top dance songs of 2009 without mentioning David Guetta’s collaboration with Kelly Rowland, “When Love Takes Over”, and Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feelin'”, both of which were transformative pieces that continue to define the year’s dance music scene. Pronto’s “Gonna Make U Sweat” (Summer Party Mix) and Rudenko’s “Everybody” (Club Mix) were also fan favorites, both featuring groovy rhythms that kept the party going.

Moreover, Miami Starfish’s reimagining of Jermaine Stewart’s “Clothes Off” (Soul Seekerz Club Mix), The Ian Carey Project’s “Get Shaky” (Ian Carey Original Mix), and Noisettes’ “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” (Go Baby Go) (Soul Seekerz Club Mix) all cemented their positions in the top dance songs of 2009.

The year also saw exceptional releases like Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System’s “I Will Be Here” (Wolfgang Gartner Remix), U2’s “Magnificent” (Dave Aude Club Mix), and Mini Viva’s “Left My Heart in Tokyo” (Pete Hammond Contemporary Remix). Not to be outdone were chart-toppers like Kelly Clarkson’s “I Do Not Hook Up” (Bimbo Jones Club Mix), Pussycat Dolls’ “Hush Hush” (I Will Survive) (Dave Aude Extended Mix), Little Boots’ “Remedy” (Stonemasons Club Mix), and Ameerah’s “The Sound Of Missing You” (Extended Mix).

In essence, 2009 was a landmark year in the world of dance music, as reflected in the lasting appeal of its top dance songs. These hits still echo on dancefloors worldwide, reminding us of the unforgettable year that was 2009.

Album : Year-end Edition v4
Genre : Electro, Funky, House, Progressive
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:48:07:00

1. Alexandra Burke feat. Flo Rida – Bad Boys (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix)
2. Solange – T.O.N.Y (Mark Picchiotti Mix)
3. Moony – I Don’t Know Why (Viale & DJ Ross Remix)
4. Booty Luv – Say It (Warren Clarke Remix)
5. Pixie Lott – Boys And Girls (Moto Blanco Club)
6. Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciara – Takin’ Back My Love (Jody Den Broeder Club Mix)
7. David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over (Original Mix)
8. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feelin’ (David Guetta Remix)
9. Pronto – Gonna Make U Sweat (Summer Party Mix)
10. Rudenko – Everybody (Club Mix)
11. Miami Starfish feat. Jermaine Stewart – Clothes Off (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)
12. The Ian Carey Project – Get Shaky (Ian Carey Original Mix)
13. Noisettes – Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)
14. Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
15. U2 – Magnificent (Dave Aude Club Mix)
16. Mini Viva – Left My Heart in Tokyo (Pete Hammond Contemporay Remix)
17. Kelly Clarkson – I Do Not Hook Up (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
18. Pussycat Dolls – Hush Hush (I Will Survive) (Dave Aude Extended Mix)
19. Little Boots – Remedy (Stonemasons Club Mix)
20. Ameerah – The Sound Of Missing You (Extended Mix)

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