Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

We Love To Boogie!

As promised, I’m back with the second installment of my funkyhousediscoshit.  Just like Boogie Nights, this set features a wide assortment of genres but this time they range from Deep House and Disco to Urban House, Tech House and good ole fashion Soulful House.

We Love to Boogie starts off really cool and then begins to slowly heat up.  About two-thirds of the way in, all bets are off and I pretty much burn down the house.  Shortly after, I drop the temperature a few notches and keep up the pace from there.

I closed the set with an unexpected gem by the Beatles.  I can honestly say that Taxman is one of my least favorite songs from the Fab Four’s vast catalog and an unlikely candidate to get a 21st century EDM remix.  LA’s Mot & Krid deliver a surprisingly fantastic production that would fit perfectly in an Austin Powers soundtrack (go-go boots, miniskirts and all).  While not particularly the typical “house” song I would include in my funky sets, it’s just too much damn fun to leave on the cutting room floor.

Some of you have sent emails about the site being down or not being able to download the podcasts.  Everything appears to be in working order at the moment.  As for the site issues, I’ve noticed many problems with Bluehost ever since I switched to them last year and am looking forward to going back to Siteground by the summer.

The actual podcasts have been hosted over at House-Mixes, a fairly decent site that’s a one-man operation, much like Party Favorz.  Considering the magnitude and complexity of putting together a site like that by a single individual, I have to say that Paul really does a great job.  Nevertheless, the frequent outages and lack of control over what I post is beginning to become a bit of a headache.

With the recent passage of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) I am predicting some major changes in the podcasting industry within a year or less, none of which looks promising much less fair.  In the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at my options for hosting all the music myself, without having to rely on a third-party who will no doubt be heavily scrutinized (which they already are) by the music industry.  It’s a shame, but with the explosion of streaming and the way we access our music/entertainment, the long-standing tradition of podcasting is likely going to get caught-up in the crossfire.

Keep in mind, Party Favorz has always maintained a low profile and has a limited scope and while I don’t mind picking up new followers (this past week about 20 more signed up), I’m not looking to expand into some big money-making venture nor profit off of other folks intellectual property.  I do this for the love of all things house music and enjoy sharing that love with folks (like yourselves) who appreciate my passion.

I haven’t determined the time and costs to get everything switched over but I’m at the point where I’m ready to dive in and take more control.  As a result, expect some delays in posting until I can get everything moved over.  How long that will take is unclear, so please be patient.

In the interim, you’ve got your weekend all wrapped-up into two solid party sets.

Until the next time …ENJOY!

Album : We Love To Boogie
Genre : Funky House, Deep House, Urban House, Tech House
Year : 2016
Total Time : 01:19:51
  1. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra – Too Much Information (Laolu Remix Edit)
  2. N.Y.’s Finest – Do You Feel Me (Longplay Mix)
  3. Gorge – Tayo (Original Mix)
  4. Base On & Jean Bacarreza – Back 2 Basicz (Original Mix) 123.3
  5. Frey – Just a Lil Bit (Original Mix)
  6. Lutron & Mob – Head (Original Mix)
  7. Jerome Robins & Chris Vench – Gin & Juice (Frey Remix)
  8. Federico Scavo & Barbara Tucker – Live Your Live (Luca Guerrieri Remix)
  9. Indian Princess – Electronic Beats (Seamus Haji Mix)
  10. Keanu Silva – Pump Up The Jam (Original Mix)
  11. Don Diablo feat. Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You (VIP Mix)
  12. Terry Lex & Wasabi feat. Derrick Feole – Drop (Original Mix)
  13. Mat.Joe – Make A Living (Original Mix)
  14. Crazibiza – Angel Slide (Original Mix)
  15. Luca Debonaire – Keep This Party Rockin (Original Mix)
  16. Peter Brown – Saturday Love (Original Mix)
  17. The Beatles – Taxman (Mot & Krid Remix)
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